Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Gospel Study - Families Under Covenant

Today I studied Families Under Covenant by President Henry B. Eyring.  It was interesting that this was the next talk in the Conference.  

This morning I took my husband to work because we have one car in the shop and we are hoping he can drive it home tonight.  On the drive he told me about his morning (while I was at Seminary).

Both my husband and my son were trying to get ready at the same time.  They rarely see eye to eye and are often rude to each other (my son being the most rude).  My husband's usually reaction is to bark back, to lecture, and to give demands and ultimatums.  This does not go over well my son (my son, who has the not been involved with church for nearly three years can be angry, stubborn and difficult to live with).  Neither one likes to give in.  Both like to push buttons and KEEP pushing even if they have already won the argument.

At any rate, both are tired and sore from P90X and both wanted to use the same things at the same time.  My son doesn't clean up after himself and my husband just finished cleaning up the griddle just in time for my son to take over cooking breakfast.  My husband was reading his diet menu on the fridge door and my son pushed past.  Now my husband could have reacted with patience, but he got this snippy remark out instead.

Now I'm a firm believer that it's better to keep the peace and to approach a subject when everyone is calmer.  Not the men in my life.  Sigh.  They would rather have the contention.  It's hard to live like that... thus I spend a lot of my free time writing at my computer or leaving to pursue hobbies - like theater stuff.

So this talk hit hard... family life has been very rough for several years now.

There have been many days that I feel like I'm all alone and that I am practically dragging the whole family around.  It can be overwhelming and exhausting.

I wasn't sure how to really describe the feelings I had until I found a song by Sanctus Real, Lead Me. It’s an excellent song about a man who wants to stand up and lead his family, being their support, their strength, and their spiritual leader – and understands that he needs God’s help in that role.

Give it a listen.

Lead Me

There is nothing that has come or will come into your family as important as the sealing blessings. There is nothing more important than honoring the marriage and family covenants you have made or will make in the temples of God.
The way to do that is clear. The Holy Spirit of Promise, through our obedience and sacrifice, must seal our temple covenants in order to be realized in the world to come.
There is a lot in President Eyring’s talk about how to have your marriage and family sealed by the Holy Spirit of promise. 

Those promises are very important to me... but they seem so unattainable.

It is the well of the Lord to strengthen and preserve the family unit... fathers need to take their rightful place as the head of the house... mothers are to sustain and support their husbands and to be lights to their children.

I don't feel strong.  sigh.

But I have hope.  I have hope that I can use persuasion, long-suffering, gentleness and meekness, and love unfeigned that I can save my son and preserve my family.  By employing kindness, pure knowledge (mostly of spiritual matters) without hypocrisy and without guile I have hope that I will be able to help turn hearts to family within my home.  I have hope that I can reprove and correct behavior as the Holy Ghost directs and that because the Holy Ghost is inspiring me that all correction will be accepted with humble hearts.  I have hope that if I do my best to love and to lose myself in serving my family that at least my posterity will experience the blessings promised in the temple.  There are times I can't imagine those blessings for myself, but I have hope for family members.

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