Monday, December 31, 2012

Gospel Study - To Hold sacred

Today the struggle continues. Secular voices are growing in volume and intensity. They increasingly urge believers to abandon beliefs the world considers irrational and unreasonable.

The sacred cannot be selectively surrendered. Those who choose to abandon even one sacred thing will have their minds darkened, and unless they repent, the light they have shall be taken from them. Unanchored by the sacred, they will find themselves morally adrift on a secular sea.
Elder Paul B. Pieper’s talk really hit me, especially the last several paragraphs. His talk was very timely for me, and I am trying to hold sacred the truths that I have received, so that my mind won’t be darkened. What a scary thought!

Daily reflecting upon and recording the impressions that come from the Spirit serve the dual purpose of helping us (1) to recognize our personal encounters with the divine and (2) to preserve them for ourselves and our posterity   Recording them is formal recognition and acknowledgement of our gratitude to God.

This is why I blog.  Writing it all down helps me to remember that God is good.  God answers prayers and sends answers.... even if I don't understand.

I hope my family things these thoughts are as sacred as I do some day.

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