Friday, December 28, 2012

Gospel Study - Was It Worth It?

Whenever the gospel is shared, it is never "just one boy." Whenever conversion happens or someone returns to the Lord it is a family that is saved.

I am thankful for the missionaries that found my dad.  They didn't change only the life of my dad.  5 of his 7 children are active members of the church.  17 of his 24 grandchildren are growing up or active in the gospel.  There have been 2 missionaries and 2 temple marriages with these grandchildren so far.  Those missionaries helped many people.  Not just my dad.

"Never delay a prompting."

I try.  I have never succeeded in getting someone I know to listen to the missionaries.  but I try.  I openly share my testimony. 

I see my missionary work more in converting teen through seminary.  

I hope that counts.

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  1. It definitely does. It most definitely DOES!