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Gospel Study - See Others as They May Become

President Thomas S. Monson's talk See Others as They May Become touched me.

This week I am doing missionary week in seminary.  This morning we talked about how missionary work included helping those who struggle to gain or keep a testimony.  We talked about how everyone needed to feel needed, have a friends and be nourished by God's word.

Then I came home and read this talk.

"There is absolutely nothing in this world that will provide more comfort and happiness that a testimony of the truth... [we must] labor to keep it."

I see the truth in this every time I look at these students.  I see the truth in this every time I see my wayward son.

Today I taught my students that share their testimony was one of the strongest tools they have in sharing the gospel.  Baring testimony invites the holy ghost into a conversation giving Him a chance to touch hearts.

Everyone "needs to be told that we are amount to something, that we are capable and worthwhile.  We need to be gi…

Week at the Boyacks - Week 33

Monday came with a repair.  We haven't even begun rehearsing with the set and already things are breaking.  It serves me right.  I should have checked the castors before the kids flipped the set.  I just didn't take the time. While we were trying to paint the floor it got harder and harder to push the big set piece around.  Once I got on the floor I realized that 4 of the middle castors had fallen off.

Jeff and I crawled under the set while 20 kids held up the set and kept the set piece from crushing us.  Talk about trust. The rest of the week it all held up.  Thank heavens!  Of course, much of our time is consumed in rehearsals. The show opens soon.  There is so much work to do!

 At least the set is functional and all that is left is to paint the floor, hang a few lights and set light cues.
 I also tried harder to clean my house.  I clean it everyday and it never looks like I lift a finger.  This week I took a picture to prove that I actually get something done in my week.  …

Gospel Study - Help Them Aim High

Today I repent.

It's been a couple of days since I last read a Conference Talk or made an effort in my personal gospel study.  I have studied for my seminary calling. However, I haven't made the extra effort to feed my soul for me.

It is time to get back on the wagon.  I read President Henry B. Eyring's talk Help Them aim High.

This talk struck me with deep meaning as I started Missionary Week at seminary.  I worry about these kids. I worry even more about my own kids.  Apathy is the mood of the day.  I long for them to catch the Gospel Fever and spread the gospel because they can't help it.   They love it that much.

I was inspired by President Eyrings's comment that he was able to accomplish great things because his teachers and leaders "saw things in [him] that [he] couldn't see."  That is how I feel about these kids.  I see great things in their futures.  If only they could see it too!

How can I help them?

President Eyring calmed my worried heart. …

Ways Being a Theater Major Set Me Up For a Successful Life

The Arts in our public schools are disappearing at an alarming rate.  The town next to us has cut the vocal program from their class schedules.  The schools in my town have moved to offering ½ of the music program they had a few years ago.  They don’t offer a theater program.  The only theater available for students to experience is the 3 plays volunteers dedicate their time and energy to give to the students in my area.  It won’t be long before the Arts will be removed completely from the public schools in my area.
I do not believe this will be good for my community’s  future.  The ARTS ADD to life and help students prepare for success in the future as they become contributing members of the community. I have a confession to make. I was a theatre major in college (yes, complete with the snooty but appropriate ”re” spelling). I’ll wait for you to stop snickering. Alright.  I know it comes as no surprise. My passion boldly declares what I spent my educational dollar on.
When I chose …

Gospel Study - The Joy of the Priesthood

I had a harder time getting something out of President Dieter F. Uchtdorf's talk The Joy of the Priesthood.

Most of the talk was directed to men.  I don't have the priesthood... I just enjoy the blessings of the priesthood.

Priesthood or not I can follow the counsel to "serve, to bless, and to act in all things for the good of everyone and everything entrusted to our care."

Gospel Study - Beware Concerning Yourselves

Priesthood session talks are always a challenge for me to apply to myself.  Sometimes, they bite.  Elder Anthony D. Perkins talk, Beware Concerning yourselves held just a little bite.

"Satan is an actual being who seeks to drag down our souls into the gulf of misery."  This reality is oh, so real.  "The natural man" is "prone to wonder."  Putting on a "new man" through "faith, repentance, saving ordinances, and daily gospel living," takes effort... work.

Elder Perkins reminded us of King David.  Once a valiant, faithful servant, David fell.  He "squandered" eternal blessing.  Once able to slew giants, David was spiritually vulnerable.  "His failure to beware concerning himself and to act on promptings of the Spirit led to the loss of his eternal blessings."

I know this is real.  Warning signs are there for a reason.  Warning signs are there to protect.  Guardrails are meant to keep you safe.  More than "the dr…

Gospel Study - Be Valiant in Courage, Strength, and Activity

Today I read Bishop Gary E. Stevenson's talk, Be Valiant in Courage, Strength, and Activity.

What a great talk on being courageous!

"... they were all young men, and they were exceedingly valiant for courage, and also strength and activity; but behold, this was not all - they were men who were true at all times."

I'd like someone to remember me that way.... except for the men part.  Clearly I'm a woman.  :)

I loved how he said some of the greatest courage we need to muster may be behind doors and screens.

Something to think about.

Gospel Study - Brethren, We Have Work TO Do

Today’s talk really got me thinking.Bare with me as I ramble about all the things that have been rolling around in my head since I readElder D. Todd Christofferson’s talk, Brethren We Have Work To Do.It’s a long winded rant.
I am all about progress. I like the progress that society has made for the equality of women in a historically predominant male hierarchy.  I am not a wimp. I will take apart a vacuum or a drain… I will wield a drill and use a chop saw.  I've even scraped an engine block before.  I grew up when “I can bring home the bacon and fry it up in a pan ‘cause I’m a woman” was THE catch phrase.   I think the sexes should be given equal opportunity and power… equal yet different.  That being said, there is another problem beginning to lurk in the doorways of social structure. With women on the rise, men are being emasculated.
That’s right ladies.  If you are asking “Where have all the real men gone?” you need to look at yourself as much as you look to men.
Back in the day,…

Week at the Boyack's - Week 32

Most of this week was the same old thing everyday... school... work... teach lessons... Legally Blonde or Once Upon a Mattress rehearsals...That is until Friday!

 This week has been a ROYAL week.  Remember how I said Hannah was elected as the Freshman Princesses for Snowball?  Well, Friday there was a big assembly where she got to walk down the stairs to music and everything.  My phone camera isn't the best so I didn't get a picture of her walking down the stairs to Fix You by Exit 245.  Trust me.  She was a vision of poise as she glided down the stairs.  I wanted her to come down to Can't Touch This by MC Hammer.  I was vetoed.

Noah bombed our picture.  He was at the assembly because he still hasn't seen the light and is dating the same not-so-nice girl... also on court.

We are lucky to have Megan as an adopted family member and Princess expert.  Not only did she get elected to Princess duties in High School, but she was a Disney Princess!  She was super sweet and no…

Gospel Study - Protect the Children

As I read Elder Dallin H. Oaks' talk Protect the Children I couldn't help think of the sweet little eyes drinking  in the Primary Sharing Time lesson yesterday.  They were a little chatty, but their large brown or twinkling blue eyes  were fixed on the teacher.  These children have faith.

Then my thoughts turned to similar faces with hurt in their eyes that I've seen in the media, schools and in my community.  These eyes long for peace.  These eyes long for good nutrition... of stable family life... or understanding.

I think I can only make a difference in my own house... and I've got a ton of work to do there.  but I sometimes fail to see what I can do for other children.  The odds are increasingly mounting against us.

The truth is protection for children starts in families... families with a mom and a dad that love each other, are married and work towards common goals.  As the family continues to be attacked, the safety of children dwindles.


What to do next?

Gospel Study - Trial of Your Faith

Today I read Elder Neil L. Andersen's talk Trial of Your Faith.

I am impressed with this list of words regarding faith: treasure, work, pray, do, protect, defend.  Things in this world would be very different if we all practiced this list and applied it to our faith in Christ.  I guess that is what rials are for.  Trials help us to practice and strengthen faith... "fiery trials are designed to make you stronger."

Still doesn't make it easy of pleasant.  It's hard!  I can't think of one of my trials I'd sign up for.  Still... would I be where I am today without trials?  I don't think so.

I have found that Elder Andersen is right.  "You [need] to immerse yourself in the very things that helped you build your core of faith: you exercise, faith in Christ, you pray, you ponder the scriptures, you repent, you keep the commandments, and you serve others."

I'd like to hold onto the thought that " no trial is so large we Can't overcome..…