Thursday, January 10, 2013

Gospel Study - Ask the Missionaries! They Can Help You!

Today I read Elder Russell M. Nelson's talk Ask the Missionaries!  They Can Help You!

I loved this talk!  Once again I am reminded of the new changes in missionary service.  I am reminded of all my favorite missionaries currently serving.

Some of these missionaries were more prepared than others.  A couple of them helped pay for their own missions.  Some were more prepared physically and spiritually than others.  Some can be very helpful.  In fact, as these fine young men continue to write to my family and to bare their testimonies, we are blessed.  Their service and testimonies is making a difference in softening hearts in my home.

I was also reminded that we all have the responsibility to spread the gospel.  We need to work harder to find people willing to listen to and to be taught by missionaries.

Missionaries CAN help, when we give them the opportunity.

I think we can all "Stop the boys on the bikes."

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