Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Gospel Study - Because I Live, Ye Shall Live Also

Today I read Elder Shayne M. Bowen’s talk, Because I Live, Ye Shall Live Also.

This talk touched my soul.

Elder Bowen shared an experience of teaching a woman on his mission who had lost an infant, and how much relief she found through reading the Book of Mormon.  He also shared a personal tragedy of losing his own young son who choked on a piece of chalk.

My heart thought of my cousin and his wife who have lost more than one infant to a rare disease, yet continue to have more children into their home.  My heart thought of a family friend that has struggled for years with depression after the drowning death of her toddler.  My heart went to my cousins who recently lost their Mother.  My heart went to my dear friend who lost her husband in a car accident years ago.  I thought of my cousin who lost her first husband in a car accident while the rest of the family was spared.
I thought of all those I have heard ask, “Why?”

“We can be filled with joy, peace, and consolation.  All that is unfair about life can be made right through the Atonement of Jesus Christ.”

I was impressed by his decision to look forward with hope instead of looking back in despair.   Progress stops when we look back… or focus on past events consciously or not.  Just ask Lot’s wife!  I loved how he said that it is a DAILY choice he has to make.  In making this choice God gave him a new heart.

I think that is a true principle.  We choose.  We choose to be at peace and truly happy with every choice that we make…. No matter the situation around us.  God will give us a new heart too!  If we seek it.

I think these lessons apply to losing loved ones spiritually too.  I have not lost someone I am very close to in death yet.  However, I do have a child that has drifted away from the gospel.  I have felt “the guilt, anger, self-pity trying to consume me.”  I have “prayed that my heart could change.”  I can’t say that I've stopped panicking over his choices, but I can say that each day I leave it in the Lord’s hands I feel at peace that God is mindful of the child and will find some way to help him see… at least I have hope and faith in that.

I have learned that I must depend on the Atonement… even for this.

I just love these doctrines of the Gospel of Jesus Christ:

This life is NOT the end.

The Spirit World is REAL!

This life is a transitory step forward on my journey back to a Heavenly Home.

The veil is THIN.

Because of the Savior, Jesus Christ, feelings of sorrow, loneliness, and despair will one day be swallowed up in a complete FULLNESS OF JOY!!!

We can DEPEND on HIM!

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