Saturday, January 19, 2013

Gospel Study - Temple Standard

Today I read Elder Scott D. Whiting's talk Temple Standard.

I like this talk.  It is a great reminder that we must hold ourselves to a higher standard each day.

Today I worked on a set all day.  One of my little minions complained that I was so picky.  I laughed.  I see so many mistakes and flaws in the set... even things that no one from the audience will never see or notice.  My friend Jeff and I like to joke about all the flaws as Central Standard. Yet I do insist on straight lines and no drips.

Temple standard is much higher than my set standard.

"Grit is not temple standard."

"... even though mortal eyes and hands may never see or feel a defect, the Lord knows the level of our efforts and whether we have done our very best."

My sets may not be Temple Standard, but I do try to do my very best.  If I do my best for a set, why can't I offer my VERY best for the temple.

"When we become aware of elements in our own lives that are inconsistent with the teachings of the Lord, when our efforts have been less than our very best, we should move quickly to correct anything that is amiss, recognizing that we cannot hide our sins from the Lord."


  1. Interesting thoughts. I feel like I'm becoming more aware of my imperfections and it's not always easy to make changes. It sometimes feels that ignorance is bliss. Luckily, I know differently. I look forward to ultimate joy that will come as I improve myself and make myself more worthy to enter my Heavenly Father's presence. Great post.

  2. Thanks! I love that God accepts our efforts one step at a time!