Saturday, February 16, 2013

Gospel Study - Being a More Christian Christian

One of the greatest dreams I have is to be known as a good Christian.  Sadly, I make many mistakes and I fear many that meet my would never guess I am a Christian.  Elder Robert D. Hales talk, Being a More Christian Christian caused me to thing...

"How am I doing in my quest to follow Christ?

I should try harder.

The answer to that question depends on the day... and sometimes the time of day.  I am working toward that "mighty change of heart until I have no more disposition to do evil."

How grateful I am for GRACE!  I can even say that I am grateful for my weakness exposed so that I can work on making them strengths.

I think it is hardest to be that good Christian at home.  At home my flaws are out in the open and my kids often use them against me. sigh.  Although I try my best to share the "gospel with young and old, lifting, blessing, comforting, encouraging and building" others, I fall short in teaching my family... well at least I think I do.  I struggle to keep all commandments,  sometimes it's because of understanding.  Sometimes it's inconvenient   I struggle with meaningful prayer.  I study the scriptures, but I worry that I'd fail if I didn't have my calling.  (I am SO GRATEFUL for seminary.  It keeps me where I long to be and I'd stay with this calling forever if they will allow me too).  I struggle to demonstrate love to all I meet.  I can't say I'm a good neighbor.  I don't even know who lives around me.  I rarely visit widows, sick or poor because family and hobbies keep me running.

To be a good Christian I need to work harder t:
Have faith
Take Christ name and be a better light
seek to know more
Love more
Sacrifice more
Care more
Serve more
Be more patient
seek to be a peacemaker
Seek to forgive and seek to be forgiven
Seek to be truly converted.
Keep swimming.

Sigh.  Not sure I can do all that.

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