Thursday, February 7, 2013

Gospel Study - First Observe, Then Serve

I can't hear.  My head hurts. I can't breathe.  Yup.  I've got a cold.  At least it is not the flu that Lillian had last week and over the weekend.  I just couldn't concentration yesterday to read.  I barely made it through regular activities.

Today, I pulled my energies together and read Linda K. Burton's talk, First Observe, The Serve.

I have had some great examples of self-less service in my life.  My dad.  He was a firefighter and parametric when I was growing up.  He didn't make much money.  He had to work extra jobs on his days off to put food on the table.  Still, he volunteered for Search and Rescue and Red Cross.  My dad helps every person he crosses paths with.  He's brought back people from the dead with his First-aid.  He's moved people.  He's supplied firewood.  He's moved snow.  He's built houses.  All of his service is impressive, yet, the most impressive service I ever witnessed him give was to his own father.  My Grandpa Mabee was sick, aging alcoholic who had abused his family.  My dad not only forgave his dad, but he served him.  He helped him at ever opportunity, even as he passed on to the other side.

My mom is also a great example of service.  Whether she was making a meal from our boring food storage or delivering a cake or taking on someone else kids, she serves.  She has serves as a seminary teacher for 22 years.  Now that is service.  She went to school after all of her 7 children were grown and became a school teacher.

People in my ward are also examples of service  People in my community are examples of service.

All of these people are an example to me of Christ-like service.  They are truly His hands.


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