Saturday, February 9, 2013

Gospel Study - Learning with Our Hearts

The heart is truly where my deepest learning takes place.  It is in my heart that I "feel" the Savior in my life and "know" more about him.  I know I have gained knowledge in my heart that I could not obtain in any other way.

I am working on reading scriptures and following the living prophets.  I am working at understanding prayer and applying the principles of prayer to my life.  It is a little harder to "take time to be still and feel."  The world can be so loud and overwhelming.... especially in a houseful of teens with their competing electronic noise devices!

Then there are all those mistakes I make.  Those mistake most definitely get in my way of seeing, feeling, and loving others.

Repentance.  I need a little more of that.

Remember!  Such a hard thing.

It may be hard but it is worth it!!!

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