Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Gospel Study - One Step Closer to the Savior

This talk made me think of my calling... seminary teacher.

We have been trained in these methods of teaching for several years now.

Nearly every in-service our supervisor hammers in "what to teach" and "how to teach it."  He encourages us "to focus on the needs of the learner... to help them discover truth for themselves... and to listen to their questions."  In in-service we focus on acting "out of love for the one [we are] teaching."

I have seen for myself that conversions is a "lifelong quest to become more like the Savior... to know is not enough... to be converted... requires us to DO and to BECOME."

Trust me.  This is harder than it looks.

I have found that my personal study of the scripture is key.  I have to do more than just study the lesson.  I have to study the words of the living prophets.  I have to study the Book of Mormon.  I have to record my feelings about what I learn.  Study of the lesson is not enough.

I loved the story of the Home Teacher that sent a card to a less active man every month for 22 years.  My son has chosen to be less active.  I wish someone was be that ensilage in inviting him back to Christ, in a kind and accepting way.  Sadly, it isn't true.  I am trying though.  I know that when I live what I am learning through listening to and studying these Conference talks I am not only learning the Savior's way, I will be able to teach my family and students in the Lord's way.

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