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Week at the Boyacks - Week 33

I'm running behind on my weekly review.  I haven't been feeling my best and just can't find the energy to do more.  But I can't get too far behind or I won't be able to catch up.  So her it goes.  I review of last week.

Last week was full of lessons, school and rehearsal. But the best event of the week was baby Ben's first birthday!  He is such a blessing!  To everyone!  It is hard to believe that he was been blessing us with his giggle, smiles and snuggles for a year!  I remember the day he was born so well.  His mom was brave and labored without drugs.  She was strong as she helped him into the world.  I was blessed to be invited to the near sacred event.  I was blessed to be part of the team and to watch Ben's parents lovingly help each other through a long and tiring day.
 I think it is so awesome that Ben and Lillian are the best of friends.  Seriously, they can hardly be separated   Ben thinks Lillian is the best thing ever.  Who needs toys when you have an Aunt Lilli?  But the feeling is mutual.  Lillian loves to play with and boss Ben.  It really is a match made in heaven.  I sure hope they can keep this relationship for a very long time.
 Hannah and I missed most of Ben's family birthday party because we were at rehearsal.  Ben seemed to like the ball Grandpa bought him.
 He wasn't too sure about the cake until he got to eat it.  Then, cake was a very good thing.  Yvonne made him a cute bear cake.  He mostly wore it.  He loved ice cream!  guess he got it from the gen pool.
His birthday party was full of good food (fajitas) and video games.  Hey!  What's a party without 3 or  people holding down the couch with controllers in their hands?  LOL.  We now how to throw a great party!
 After cake and ice cream with Ben, John came with Hannah and me to the high school to paint the floor. We started with a crowd, but by the time we were finished we only had John, Hannah, our friend John Hatch and Jeff Witt and myself.  We have been there until 1 in the morning, but we were able to finish painting the floor and hang and focus all my extra little lights for the show.  By the time we left I was ready for Saturday... the longest day of rehearsal... Marathon day.
 Sadly, I went home to a very sick Lillian.  Her head hurt.  Her throat was sore, Her body ached.  He fever burned.  She was crazy sick.  However, that made my short night even shorter.  Lillian had to sleep by me.  Trust me.  That is not fun!  She tossed and turned and sweated all night long.  I didn't get much sleep.  In fact, I was relieved to be able to get up the next morning and go to rehearsal.
 The week was a long week of rehearsals.  Monday and Tuesday I taught voice lessons all afternoon.  Then, before heading to Legally Blonde rehearsals I stopped off at Once Upon a Mattress rehearsals to see how things were shacking out.  Wednesday and Thursday I went to Once Upon a Mattress rehearsal in the afternoon, then headed to Legally Blonde rehearsal.  Friday was Once Upon a Mattress rehearsal  birthday party, and paint party.  You can see why I'm so tired.  LOL.  Good thing I LOVE what I do.
Marathon Day went well.  I was able to work out most of my problems with sets, light, and sound.  I worked extra hard to make things ready because I knew I couldn't be there at Monday's dress rehearsal.  What amazes me most about long days such as these is the people that come out of the wood work to watch me run around like a crazy person solving problem and make little comments about the set, lights or sound and the problems I am having!  It would hurt to ask to help!  It wouldn't hurt to show up on work days and to help put it all together!  Trust me.  Standing at the back of the auditorium and discussing how things are 2 inches off center or how the construction would meet OCEA standards is just a great way to make me mad!

At least Hannah is a bright spot in my day.  Not only does she work hard to help me with tech stuff, she is working hard to be a better performer.  She doesn't like classical singing and yet she is learning how - successfully.  She doesn't really like physical affection and yet she has to kiss a boy for this show.  She is learning how to take direction - a humbling experience.  I'm sure she will be a fantastic performer, not only in this show, but in shows to come.  If she really goes forward with the performing arts as her life pursuit, she will be a contender!

So... that's the week.  Thanks for checking in.


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