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Week at the Boyacks - Week 35

The week was full of sunshine and surprises   This is a good thing because it was also a LONG week.  I only had one day of Legally Blonde and spent the rest of the week with Once Upon a Mattress as my extra curricular activity.  During the sunny days Lilli, Lagi, and Case made good use of the yard.  They do this are great risk.  First, the little people dumped out the backyard trash and spread it all around.  Second, no one has bothered to poop scoop since winter began,.  Third, no one has cut the grass either.  This facts contributes to the dangerous situation we call The Backyard.
On Thursday I spent 3 hours in a dentist office.  Chad got his top braces.  The thing with Kaiser Dental is that they have not been smooth sailing.  They have made mistakes at every turn concerning Chad's care.  They make appointments - they cancel appointment.  They make a payment contract - they change the contract without telling me.  Today (this week report a little early) informed me that they payments were increasing.  I don't think so!  I have a contract!  Anyway, I am annoyed   It has now been an entire year to get these braces on Chad's teeth.
Chad is not real big on smiling, so you won't see him much.  He spent the rest of the week complaining that it hurt to eat... he went through a lot of juice.    He choose red and black bands.  Hannah keeps telling him to get pink for Valentine's Day.  Today he couldn't take it any more and threatened her.  He also got a bite plate today.  He talks funny.  :)  The bite plate is supposed to keep his teeth from locking and place so that they will move faster.
Hannah started Once Upon a Mattress performances.  Wednesday was an open dress rehearsal that seniors and other drama classes are invited to.  Thursday was opening night.  We started the week with a long dark wig.  The trouble is that the wig wouldn't stay on Hannah's head.  We had to come up with something else.  Thursday we decided to try her own hair.  It just wasn't dramatic enough.  We decided that we would find extensions to add to her hair.
This has been a good experience for Hannah.  She has learned a ton from this role.  She learned to sing in her classical voice isn't all that bad and she learned to do it much better.  She was forced to find new friends because her usual friends aren't in this play.  She had her first kiss (ooo-lala!).  She practiced taking direction humbly (still needs work here - :))  And her acting skills are increasing.
Friday, Hannah missed most of school.  First, she had a ortho appointment to adjust her braces.  Then, since I didn't have time to take her home, she went to Portland with me for my acupuncture appointment.  On our way home we stopped to look for extensions and hair dye to make it all match.  We didn't have time to dye her hair on Friday, but we planned on doing it Saturday morning before the Matinee.
Meanwhile, Kimber and Ben played at our house all day.  Good thing it's been great weather.  Ben is discovering the joys of the Backyard.  We really need to clean up our act!
Friday night, Hannah and I went to the high school for call.  I had just finished sound check and Witt had started notes.  I looked up to screaming!  I smiled.  McKay and Myles walked into the auditorium and did what I was hoping they would do with the extra money we had left them.  Hannah was so happy.  She cried.  McKay posted the whole thin on her blog... Our Journey Home
Upon arriving at the school they found Tina, the Janitor. She was more than happy to help them with their little plan and opened the side door of the auditorium. Hannah jumped up and screamed and ran to McKay as soon as she saw her.  It was funny because Witt just gave a note about a scream.  Everyone thought was demonstrating a good scream and said, "Like that."  Then he was a little annoyed and slightly confused until he saw why Hannah had jumped up.  Then all was forgiven.  I watched the whole thing from the top of the room. I was pretty sure they would make it... Myles kept giving me a few hints... but I thought it would be the next weekend because JennieLinn was coming home then.  

Saturday morning we got up and invited Yvonne to come and help us change Hannah's hair.

Hannah had two more great performances on Saturday.  McKay and Myles didn't miss one performance

Grandma and Grandpa Mabee drove over the mountain to see the show too!  It was a real family reunion!

Hannah's friends were surprised and amazed by Hannah's talent.  We're not.  We hear sing every waking hour!

Sunday was church... and a trip to the ER.  Lilli tripped on her way out of my room and hurt her foot.  It swelled up and since I have experience with broken growth plates (Hannah) I wanted to be sure.  John needed to stay home anyway because he hasn't been feeling well so he volunteered to take her.  I got text updates all through Primary.  It turns out that Lilli sprained her ankle.  After church I went to Legally Blonde.  This is not my favorite option...  The rest of the family played with Myles and McKay.  I came home and played for the rest of the evening.  John got up early and too M&M to the airport.  I sure wished they lived closer!  Myles made some comments about getting jobs to ref games here.  YES!  PLEASE!  I bet we could all help to make that happen!  :)  Until then,. we will look forward June when they come again.


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