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Week at the Boyacks - Week 37 AND 38

The past two weeks are a blur.  In fact, I am rarely home. The biggest projects in my life take a lot of time and I really haven't had time to sit down and knock out a blog.  My evenings are taken up with Legally Blonde the Musical.  We have now moved into the theater with an anticipation of opening the show on March 8.  It's a crazy process to go from bare floor to rehearsals and then performance at Pentacle Theater.  Once we hot the theater we have to re-block all the scenes to fit on how the set went into the space.
 Two of my students are leads in the Show.  I am so proud of these fine, talented women.  Megan and Amanda have such demanding roles and they are rising to the occasion.  I have one more student in the show.  She too, it doing a fantastic job.  Still.... it makes for long days, long rehearsals, and a very tired cast, crew and me!  It also means that I don't do laundry or dishes.  That's ok.  I've never been a fan of those jobs.  LOL.
I spend a little time at the theater helping with lighting and set construction too.  The theater just got some new LED Fresnels that they are using for back light   They also got a few new Source Four 90 and Source Four Jr.  I've spent a large amount of time helping the lighting designer know what to do with these instruments   I've even spent time on the phone with customer support just to calm the designer down.  Eventually, I'll get around to actually fixing light cues.
 I am so glad my friends Jeff W. and Jeff P. are willing to go up the ladder to hang and focus these things.  I really wouldn't want to do that.  I don't like rickety old ladders in the first place.  Standing on top of one is not going to happen with me anytime soon. Seriously, my hardest job is keeping my mouth shut. Oh the things I would do if I were Tech Director.  tehehe.  I don't know.  Maybe someday.

I think my favorite rehearsal was the first time we tried the quick change on stage.  My friend Jeff came out with his arm threw the wrong hole and no pants.  We all nearly lost it laughing.  Thankfully, we have managed to get that down.  Scene changes are nearly completely smooth.  Paint is almost complete.  Opening night is approaching too fast.  Before I know it, this project will be done and I will be moving on to the next on.
 Meanwhile, Kimber is helping to hold down the fort.  Kimber and Ben hang out and keep the house from burning down.  Sadly, this means that I miss all the hours Ben plays at my house.  At least Kimber takes pictures to prove that they come to visit.  I am such a lame Grandma.

 They are coming to play for more reasons than my being at the play.  I have helped at the HS a little.  One of the Elementary schools has done one of their little plays.  I've had doctor's appointments.  There have been many orthodontic appointments.  Chad is getting ready for his Eagle Project so there has been many trips to Salem to deliver the paperwork.  There are days it feels like all I do is drive.  I sure wish Chad would get his driver's license.  It would free my life up considerably!
On one of my doctor days I could get Chad home from Math class.  He grudgingly walked home.  His walk was made better by meeting up with Kimber and Ben at the library.  They found this handle bench in front of the bar.  LOL.  I can just imagine a drunk guy taking a seat for a smoke outside that business   I wonder if they are losing or gaining business.
 The weather has been decent for the past couple of weeks too.  I might rain hard to 15 minutes and then it's sunny for hours.  This means all the little people get to go outside!  One small problem... the yard is a disaster.  Seriously.  We could be declared a hazard area.
 Part of Chad's Scout assignments is to complete his Family Life merit badge.  This means that he has to have weekly family meetings to discuss various life skills, and direct a family project.  Funny.  Now that it is all his idea, he is pretty demanding.  Why didn't he act this dedicated when we want FHE or help in the yard   Any who.  we are all being bullied into helping clean up the yard, talk about finances, and help with his Eagle project.
 It wouldn't be so bad if he ask nicely and was flexible   Hello!  We are busy people... and we don't like working in the rain.  The hardest part in all this is the giant wedge being driven between all my kids.  Tempers flare.  Biting remarks are made.  Yelling happens.  The result is that everyone winds up fighting.  sigh... Chad is meanest to Lilli.  Kimber and Ray don't like to come over much because the contention is so high.  I am trying.  It's hard.  I really am not "allowing" Chad to walk all over me.  I am just trying to keep the peace.  Peace in the home has to be worth the sacrifice.
Lilli and Hannah are practicing "being girls."  I have to laugh.  Megan told Hannah that she need to learn to use curling irons and flat irons.  Hannah chose to to use Lilli's head to practice on.  I think she only burned her a couple times.  LOL.
 These past two weeks also bought Cabaret.  Chad and Hannah both performed with their choirs.  There weren't big solo numbers this year like in years past. Chad didn't like the theme.... Broadway... so he didn't even try out for a solo.  Hannah sang a solo in a choir piece... something from Grease   She did a good job.  I have to say I missed some of the old ways of Cabaret.  Still... it was ok.
Lilli and I ran the sound board.  She is getting to be a good little helper.  She is willing to carry stuff around and she loves to push buttons.

Finally, it seems crazy, but McKay got to see Jonathon on his mission.  By the look on her face, it made her day.  LOL.  Hopefully , I will be more on top of the next report.  LOL... but don't count on it.


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