Sunday, April 7, 2013

Saturday Morning Conference - April 2013

I LOVE Conference weekend!  It really is my FAVORITE vacation.

Here are the lessons I learned during the first session:

Listen and DO!

It's ok to get old... in fact it's pretty sweet.  Just ask Pres. Packer... even with the physical issues that aging brings.

Watch out for snakes in the ivy.

Save the family.  This is best done when we honor your covenants, be obedient, and work for righteousness.  All this WILL bring peace... eventually.

Prepare and not fear.

We are not free to pick the consequences.

Be accountable.

Separate the sin from the sinner.

Learn to receive and ACT on inspiration.

Build on a SURE Foundation.

Balance is essential.

Work more on my prayers and temple service.

Prayer is where we submit our will, show thanks, our desires and feelings with a dear friend and Father.

Scriptures fortify so feast, search, ponder, and apply!

Be worthy of taking the sacrament.

Be wise... need I say more.

Where ere thou art, act well thou part.

My part matters.

Be a covenant keeper.

Moms have a direct influence... moms nurture... embrace motherhood and be happy.

Women are being robbed of virtue... give it back.... treat them better.

Write the scriptures on the carpet.... and in our hearts...


The Savior will forgive when we repent and return.... even here on earth.

Allow for improvements over time... it WILL TAKE TIME.


Just keep going.

Equal but different roles.

Both husband and wife need to strive for God

Plant the seed... care for the plant... give it living water and divine light... honor and serve.. and it will grow millions and millions of more seeds.

Save the C plant!

I need to watch the training videos with the family

Come to Christ and drink.

Draw closer to Christ

We feel closer when we keep the commandments

Search the scriptures

Invite the Savior in!

Stand as a witness!

Such an inspiring session!

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