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I am A Lowly Squire

I teach seminary.  I’ve been teaching for the past 9 years.  I hope to teach 20 more.  J  This week I spoke with someone and this phrase came out of my mouth.  “I see my job as being a lowly squire helping my students prepare to their daily battles they will face in school, in the community, and in the every darkening world around them.” I was surprised but the profound analogy that popped out of my brain.  It has to be the Spirit. The typical jobs that a squire might do would include: 1.Carrying the knight’s armor, sword and shield. 2.Rescuing the knight should the knight get into some kind of trouble. 3.Replacing the knight’s sword if it were to break. 4.Dressing the knight in his armor in preparation for battle. 5.Carrying the knight’s flag – which would rally the troops. 6.Ensuring the armor and weapons were ready for battle. 7.Accompanying the knight during the time of war to the battlefield. As a seminary teacher I feel that I do these jobs for the kids in my class. I often feel like a ca…

Conference Study - Come Unto Me

I've read and re-read this talk this week.  It has given me much to ponder.  It fits into many aspects and experiences in my life.

I was first struck by the invitation with a promise, "Draw nearer to me and I will draw nearer to you."  The first step is ours.  We must first have FAITH in Christ.  We must seek Him.  We must serve Him.  We must "be faithful and diligent in keeping the commandments of God..."  Then, the promise is that we will feel His arms surround us and sustain.  We will feel His love in all aspects of our life.

The second thing that struck me was President Eyring thoughts concerning where we will often find the Savior and His love for us... THE SCRIPTURES!  Duh!  I knew this.  I've been teaching seminary for 9 years.  But the reminder brought sweet memories to my mind of all the times I have turned to the scriptures for comfort, instruction, and frankly, a clue, and found what I was looking for... and MORE!  As we look to his word we will …

Week at the Boyacks - week 50

Holy Cow!  I've nearly recorded a report per week for a year now.  That is pretty cool.  It is probably the best family journal I've kept in years!  Sad It's taken me this long to get my act together.  But, hey! Better late than never!

The main events of this past week have to start with the longest dentist visit EVER!  Rather than being kind to my kids, and kind to the other patience, the dentist office decided to schedule my girls' appointments back to back with 15 minutes between them.  let me tell you... 2 1/2 hours is a long time to find something to do in a dentist office lobby .. especially if you are four.
 Hannah went first for her cleaning, followed by a 15 minute wait before Lillian got to go in for her cleaning.  When Lillian was done we had to wait 15 more minutes before Hannah got to go in for her ortho check.  I think we watched the movie they were playing twice.  It wasn't even a good movie and there was no sound   By the end, Case was crawling un…

Touched By An Angel

Today I am reminded that life is short.  I am reminded of the many lessons I learned from one of God’s angels here on this earth.  Today as I mourn for my Bishop and his sweet family with the passing of my friend and exemplar, his wife, their mother and grandma.  Jill Tharp taught me that angels do walk the earth as she served, lifted the hands that hung, hugged those in need of hugs, and listened to those in need of a listening ear.  As Spirits on a human journey, we are here to help each other bring life-affirming dreams to fruition - to be Angels on Earth by assisting and supporting one another during times of need, as well as in times of joy.  Jill taught me this by her example. Sometimes, without our even knowing it, we may be called upon by God or the Angels to answer the prayers of others. Our interactions with others may provide answers to problems you didn't know they had and/or your random acts of kindness may bring happiness to a heart that has been riddled with sadness.…

Conference Review - This Is My Work and Glory

I missed last weeks reading, but I decided to pick up where I needed to be and I will try and catch the other two two talks as time allows.  This week's talk is This Is My Work and Glory by Elder M. Russell Ballard.

His talk addresses the difference between priesthood power and priesthood authority.

My mind raced around to all different thoughts from leadership in the home to people complaining that woman in the church are dominated by men because of the priesthood. (Personally, I don't see a need for he to have the priesthood authority.  I have the ability to access the power of the priesthood anytime I want.)

Elder Ballard taught that it is the power of the priesthood that the "heavens and the earth were created," that miracle happen with, that helped the Savior "to endure the unbearable pain of Gethsemane."  It is the power that has been given to "bind in heaven that which is bound on earth."  It is "a sacred and essential gift of God.&quo…

Family Matters - a Play

Once again I have been ask to design and paint a set for my friend Robert and his students at Howard Street Middle School.  This show is called Family Matters.  All he needed was a back drop that he wanted to look like the front of a huge family album or scrapbook and a giant book... with pages that turn.

The backdrop was a piece of cake.  I just used the flats I have used for him in the past.  I took them to my friend Jeff's school and used them to help teach his tech student a different paint technique.
 After painting the 6 flats white, as a base coat and then yellow, as my main color, I taught the students the art of spattering.  Most of the students at least tried it.  However, most of them complained that they had to work.  Although we had warned them that spattering was a mess job, most of them came unprepared to throw paint around.  Still, a few of them actually got pretty good at the art of spattering.

I have to say, if my kid wasn't in the class and if their teacher wa…

Week at the Boyack's - Week 49

Today is Mother's Day.  When I was a kid, I'd make my mom breakfast and serve it up special on some kind of tray in her bed.  I'd try a little harder on chores and try to make the day a more pleasant day for a tired mom of 7 kids.  Today I didn't make my mom breakfast in bed.  but I hope my dad did.  Today I didn't get breakfast in bed.  In fact, I woke up and couldn't find anyone.  I walked out of my room and this is what I found... all the furniture moved around... stuff everywhere... a dirty kitchen... and my project near done on the family room floor.

This morning wasn't breakfast in bed, nor showers of gifts.  In fact, with no one in sight I served myself a bowl of cold cereal.  LOL.
But my messy house, my project in the family room, the mess in the yard... and the chickens moved to the yard so we can finally air out the garage are all reminders of my choice to be a mom and that today is a good day. (I do have to add that after church John came hom…