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Week at the Boyacks - week 50

 Holy Cow!  I've nearly recorded a report per week for a year now.  That is pretty cool.  It is probably the best family journal I've kept in years!  Sad It's taken me this long to get my act together.  But, hey! Better late than never!

The main events of this past week have to start with the longest dentist visit EVER!  Rather than being kind to my kids, and kind to the other patience, the dentist office decided to schedule my girls' appointments back to back with 15 minutes between them.  let me tell you... 2 1/2 hours is a long time to find something to do in a dentist office lobby .. especially if you are four.
 Hannah went first for her cleaning, followed by a 15 minute wait before Lillian got to go in for her cleaning.  When Lillian was done we had to wait 15 more minutes before Hannah got to go in for her ortho check.  I think we watched the movie they were playing twice.  It wasn't even a good movie and there was no sound   By the end, Case was crawling under chairs.  We had to bribe him with McDonald's for lunch to get him to behave himself until it was time to leave.

Lilli was proud of her clean teeth.  Case wondered why his weren't so clean.  He makes me laugh.

After the dentist we went to the Pentacle Box office and picked up all the scripts and paperwork I needed for auditions over the weekend.  There was a ton of stuff to carry.  Good thing I had helped.  I am still not able to lift much.

 Thursday I auditioned kids for The Secret Garden, which I am directing.  There were a couple of really talented kids... then there were not as talented kids as well.  I think I got to hear "The Cup Song" twice... at least the girl that used the cup did a good job getting all the cup moves.  I listened patiently to most of the auditionees, but my friend Jeff did give the signal to stop on performer giving her all.  OI!

At the end of the night we had narrowed it down to 2 girls and 2 "boys" for Mary and Colin.  I say "boys" because one of them turned out to Lillian!
 I purposefully stayed out of choosing or commenting on my two children that auditioned for the show.  I forced them to prepare on their own.  They did great!  My team wanted to hear Lillian at callbacks for a little boy part.  I was a little surprised   She was a little disappointed that she was called back as a boy until I said that if she got in the show she could get the pixie hair cuts she has been begging for.  All of a sudden she was excited.

Saturday was a long day.  First we had to work through the Dance Studio Spring Recital.  In January, Ms. Janey called and ask if Lillian would be interested in being a helper in class for exchange of taking classes again.  Lillian was game, so we got back into the dance schedule.
Lillian was busy during the recital.  It was like old times.  She helped with two dances and danced in a jazz, tap and ballet number.  She was constantly changing clothes.    Her favorite class is tap.  She looks so happy as she tap dances.  It is kind of cute.

I really liked Janey's set idea for this show.  She painted various sizes of boxes in primary colors.  She made Dr. Seuss trees out of tissue paper and pool noodles.  We hung them from a batten   It was really cute.  I helped pay for Lillian's classes by recruiting Hannah to run the light board and Kimber to run the follow spot while I ran sound.  There are videos on Facebook of the dances, but I don't know how to link them to my blog so you will have to go look them up if you want to see Lillian dance.
After the dance recital we all hopped in the car and headed to Salem for the rest of my auditions for The Secret Garden.  This time, Hannah auditioned... as an adult.  She KNOCKED IT OUT OF THE PARK!.. My AD, who will be directing Les Mis this coming winter, was very impressed.  He couldn't believe she is only 15.  Seriously, she did herself and her mom proud... so proud that my entire production team insisted that she earned a lead... Martha!  She gets to perform two of my favorite songs from the show, A Fine White Horse and Hold On.  Lillian performed at callbacks and earned a double cast role as the little boy, Colin.  Once again, I stayed out of it.  When it came to my kids performances, I didn't want to be accused of putting them in the show just because... they had to earn it.  In fact, I refused to vote on them in the parts they were considered for... my team picked them.  Still, I know I will get flack for it.

I LOVE all my leads.  They are very talented and very strong.  Sadly, there weren't enough men at auditions.  The chorus, which is VERY important to the movement of the show is a weak, due to not having men.  My friends Jeff and Robert are helping me.  We are calling everyone I know trying to convince people to be in the show.  I am still short a bass and an older male.  Sigh.  I guess I need to pray harder.

This was a long week.  I still don't have my energy back after my surgery.  By the end of the day I am dragging and definitely ready for bed by 8 pm.  That is not normal.  I can't find the energy to get out and walk.  It is discouraging because walking to the stop sign and back totally winds me and puts me out of commission for a couple of hours.  My hernia pouch (the sack created by the hernia I ignored for 15 years) is filling with fluid despite the fact that I am wearing the binder 24 hours a day.  This makes me crabby.  I don't like being squished all the time.  I guess they will have to drain it in a couple of weeks.

In addition, a dear friend died.  I wrote a blog about my feelings about her, Touched By An Angel.  Read it, if you would like.  I am at peace, yet I still tear up when the people I love fill sad and loose it emotionally.  my daughters are struggling with it because she was such a great youth leader and they loved her.  This experience has been a great reminder that life is short.  I've made a better effort to say "I love you" and to be sure that the last thing I say to everyone is kind and encouraging.  You never know what will happen next and I don't want any regrets.


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