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Summer Book of Mormon Challenge - 2 Nephi through Jarom

Here are my thoughts on all the chapters I read over the past week.  Hope you are keeping up with me.
2 Nephi 27
Don’t you just love the stark difference between the learned and the wise.

I’ve heard that one difference between a smart man and a wise man is their motivation and intention.  I am sure that there are many people much smarter than me, but, I know I can be wise.

I would much rather be a wise person who didn't know a lot, that an extremely intelligent person who causes damage with their perceived knowledge.

2 Nephi 28
Verse 32: . . . for mine arm is lengthened out all the day long...

 I love that! Despite all the things the Savior knows the people will do during these last days, He still is merciful, and lovingly offers the saving effects of the atonement to them… to us.

It talks about appreciating scriptures too.  It's exciting to know that we have His word, now, and that He will continue to teach us and inspire us line upon line.

He wants us to learn. He wants us to underst…

Summer Book of Mormon Challenge - Days 14-16

So… I am still reading.  Are you?  I just don’t always have time to write my thoughts.  Thus, today I will give you my thoughts on 2 Nephi 10- 26.
2 Nephi 10
Don’t you love verses 23-25?  They speak of agency. Agency is what we fought so hard for… why we really are here.  Jacob lays all of this heavy, depressing stuff on them, then he says, "Hey, cheer up, though. ‘Cuz you get to choose for yourself." Kind of funny when you think about it.  Jacob is right, our agency is reason to rejoice. We do get to choose what we want. The interesting thing iswhatchoice is important: The Lord's way or the devil's way.

We can choose to align our will with the Lord and have eternal life, or to the devil, and have eternal misery and destruction.

When he puts it that way, the choice seems like a no-brainer. But, in our day, the choices can sometimes seem so watered down, even innocuous. Missing church once in a while, taking off after Sacrament meeting, not fasting or paying tithing, goin…

Conference Thoughts - Being Accepted of the Lord

I taught RS today.  I was assigned the talk by Erich W. Kopischke entitled Being Accepted of the Lord.  It is a bit out of the order I was going in, but I wanted to comment on it anyway.  I will also post an addition blog for last weeks Conference talk.  I was traveling with family from camping and didn't record my thoughts.  I'd better get on that.

"The feeling of being accepted by someone we love is a basic human need. Being accepted by good people motivates us. It increases our sense of self-worth and self-confidence. Those who cannot find acceptance from desirable sources often seek it elsewhere. They may look to people who are not interested in their well-being. They may attach themselves to false friends and do questionable things to try to receive the acknowledgment they are seeking. They may seek acceptance by wearing a particular brand of clothing to generate a feeling of belonging or status. For some, striving for a role or a position of prominence can also be a …

Week at the Boyacks

It's been a couple of weeks!  So much has happened!  So this picture didn't happen this week.  What did happen is that John finally gave me pictures he had taken with his phone.  These people are the people he served on the school board with for the past couple of years.  I think he will miss the people.... not the hours so much.  He claims he will try school board again... after life slows down.  I see two things wrong with this thought.  First, will life ever slow down? And second, I think he will find other things to fill his time.  At any rate, this picture represents his final duty as a school board member.

Last week we got ready for camping.  John got out some suitcase thing out that he stores all his hiking things in (personally, I don't see a suitcase on a hike but it works for him).  Lilli decided to help him out by digging in the case and finding treasures. She found a wig that John got for April Fool's day way back in the Praegitzer days.  Lilli was not imp…