Thursday, June 6, 2013

Summer Book of Mormon Challenge - Day 1

I challenged my seminary students and their families to read the Book of Mormon in the same amount of time that it took Joseph smith to translate this wonderful book of scripture.  I've been posting on Facebook some great stuff I've found on and written by a great guy that is also a seminary teacher.  But I thought I'd add a few thoughts about my own reading too.  Return and report is a priciple of the gospel I have grown to appreciate.

Here are my thoughts on Day 1: 1 Nephi 1-3

Br. Simon began his comments with:

"It begins with a family! It seems that God has a pattern, and it involves families. The Old Testament begins with the first family of Adam and Eve. The New Testament begins with the family of Jesus the Christ. The Doctrine and Covenants’ first chronological section (D&C 2) focuses on creating eternal families. The Book of Mormon begins with the family of Lehi."

Holy Cow!  Is this ever a statement of the importance of family in God's Plan of Happiness!  

Thoughts that stuck out to me include:

Goodly parents teach... especially the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Goodly parents often suffer through great afflictions to teach their children.  Come to think of it... today I had a nice chat with my dear bishop about how we all need to go through affliction to grow and to become stronger and to truly become more like I Father in Heaven.  Coming through affliction with grace brings great knowledge and great strength.

Goodly parents share great knowledge... the greatest of which is the knowledge of Christ and the goodness of REPENTANCE.

Goodly parents teach their children to repent.

Goodly parents are true... true to their testimony... true to their families... true to their convictions.

Goodly parents pray.

Goodly parents read the scriptures and teach them to their families and friends.

Goodly parents write their feelings, testimonies, and new found knowledge so that their children can refer to those writings later.  Truthfully, that is why I blog.  I want my children to read it... and my grandchildren.

Goodly parents look for the tender mercies of the Lord.  Many people know that one of my children does not wish to be a part of the gospel.  Lehi had some of the same struggles.  He had children that resisted the promptings of the Spirit.  I learn form Lehi and from Nephi that is best to look at life and our loved ones with an attitude of "the glass is half full" rather than "the glass is half empty."  I know I have better days when I see the good and the progress in life in general in my wayward son.  I also believe that my attitude effects him in a positive way.

Goodly parents exercise great faith.

Goodly parents are obedient to God's word.

Goodly parents protect their families and move them away from danger.

Goodly Parents worship in the temple.

Goodly parents make sacrifices.

Goodly parents give thanks to God for all their many blessings.

Goodly parents have great hope for their children.

Goodly parents never give up on or lose hope in their wayward children.

Goodly parents are brave.

Goodly parents inspire their children to question and to learn for themselves the mysteries and tender mercies of God.

Goodly parents bare testimony.

Goodly parents grieve the rebellion of their loved ones.  Nice to know that it is ok to feel sad sometimes.  Even nicer that grieving does not mean that you lose hope.

Goodly parents are humble.

Goodly parents seek the Lord diligently.

Goodly parents lead their families to the promised land... promised land of home... promised land of service... promised land of the temple... promised land of celestial living.

Goodly parents teach their children to do hard things.

Goodly parents provide for the needs of their families. 

Goodly parents embrace the words of the prophets.

As a mother/wife/sister/auntie/cousin/friend, I have many lessons to learn in these chapters about my own involvement in my family.  I used to joke that my children didn't come with manuals when they were born.  I am wrong.  I have a manual right here in 1 Nephi.  Here I can learn to parent the way God would have me parent.  Here I can learn how to deal with rebellion... how to teach... how to love... how to serve... how to resist temptation and despair.

The key to residency in the Lord’s promised lands has always been, and will be, obedience to the commandments of the Lord.

What did you learn for Day 1 reading?

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