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Week at the Boyacks

Well... we survived the third week of CET.  It's actually been better than survive, even if I am completely exhausted.  This week I basically finished all my sets... although I have some banners to make for the Gala in 2 weeks.  My stage manager class is coming along.  There are only 3 kids in the class.  It is hard to split up 4 shows with 3 kids. LOL.  This past week we talked about effective communication.  Sadly, it didn't sink in.  A director came to my complaining that the kid assigned to his show has issues with following directions, sighs and rolls his eyes when he is ask for something specifically, and actually interrupted a rehearsal yelling, "cut! Cut!  You missed a light cue," followed by arguing with the director over which script was right.  Gah!  This is the same kid that when I told the director who was her stage manger she cried.  I should have taken that as a sign.  Live and learn.

My lighting class is learning good stuff.  We've talked about …

Summer Book of Mormon Challenge - Mosiah 22-Alma 9

Mosiah 22
Gideon is one of my favorite heroes of the Book of Mormon.  He had such courage (to fight King Noah) and yet such humility. He's one Book of Mormon character that I look forward to meeting someday.

There are times that I make things more difficult than they really need to be… I fight… I even  disobey… I struggle.  I get in my own way!  Gah!  Nephites are much different.  I think about the history of this group of people: the multiple wars with the Lamanites and such...  For years they fought and lost loved ones- all in an attempt to keep safe and escaped the Lamanites… all it took was some wine, and in one night they were free. 
One humble man with an idea- and they were free. So simple.

I wonder how many times the Lord has given me solutions or directions by inspiration and I ignored it or didn't recognize it because it seemed so simple.  Too simple.

Makes me think.
Mosiah 23
It is interesting that even though Alma and his people were living righteously, they were still ex…

Summer Book of Mormon Challenge - Mosiah 1-17

OK.  Here are my thoughts on the chapters I read this week:
Mosiah 1
"Search them diligently that ye may profit thereby..."  
I love the scriptures! I a second witness that we may profit eternally by reading them!
Mosiah 2
I love how every man had his tent pitched towards the temple. All things lead to the temple.

To trifle means to treat something without seriousness or respect. In verse 9, King Benjamin made it clear that he didn't command them to come so they would be casual in their listening--his intent was for them to listen and obey him.

I can imagine that must be how President Monson feels as he stands before us. When he feels he has been impressed to relay a message, he doesn't want it to be received casually. He doesn't want the people to trifle with his words, because they are nothis words, but the Lord's words. And when the Lord speaks it is for a reason.

The Lord doesn't do small talk.
The first sentence in verse 22 says it all: "And behold,all t…