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Boyack Report.... Out of the frying Pan and into the Fire

So much has happened in the past two weeks.  I'm keeping up... just barely.  First of all, Secret Garden moved from the downtown rehearsal space to the theater.  Our first day in the theater we all worked at helping build on the set.  The second day we were able to re-work dances.  We were done in record time... 8:50pm.
The set matched the model well so we didn't have to do too much re-blocking.  That was a relief.  They many problem seemed to be in getting used to stair that were all different heights. The turn table took some getting used to as well.  It was also hard to hear the piano... or the singers if you were the piano.  We were looking forward to the sound design to be finished, up and running.
 Kimber did a fantastic job with choreography.  It's fun.  It's light.  It compliments the spirit of what I envision.  I am so glad I got one last opportunity to work and to create with her again before she and her little family move away to La Grande for Ray's n…

Week at the Boyacks - The Aftermath

The past week was a week of rest and catch up.  Seriously.  We had to dig out of the laundry monster, dishes stacks, and clutter all over the house.  All this is the result of mom's busy July and leaving Chad to his own devises.  I didn't really feel like accomplished must.  I did get a little extra, much needed sleep.  I did catch up on laundry.  I did do dishes multiple times a day.  I did walk around in my garden and eat fresh tomatoes, peas, zucchini, and greens.  I did make two baby blankets for someone who had a baby.  I did go to rehearsal.  I also went to my acupuncturist and other appointments... we now add yeast to the things I can't have.  I've got a serious yeast infection.... not the usual... I mean it's in my blood etc.  Thus, I'm on some stuff to kill it.  I also can't consume sugar, fruits or any grains for 6 weeks while we work at killing what I have and building up my body's ability to resist another flair up of extra yeast in my bod…