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Week at the Boyacks - The Aftermath

 The past week was a week of rest and catch up.  Seriously.  We had to dig out of the laundry monster, dishes stacks, and clutter all over the house.  All this is the result of mom's busy July and leaving Chad to his own devises.  I didn't really feel like accomplished must.  I did get a little extra, much needed sleep.  I did catch up on laundry.  I did do dishes multiple times a day.  I did walk around in my garden and eat fresh tomatoes, peas, zucchini, and greens.  I did make two baby blankets for someone who had a baby.  I did go to rehearsal.  I also went to my acupuncturist and other appointments... we now add yeast to the things I can't have.  I've got a serious yeast infection.... not the usual... I mean it's in my blood etc.  Thus, I'm on some stuff to kill it.  I also can't consume sugar, fruits or any grains for 6 weeks while we work at killing what I have and building up my body's ability to resist another flair up of extra yeast in my body.  Yeast is suppose to live in a body... not take over.  Mine is taking over.  They say this could be the root of all my other issues.  That would be nice because that can be cured by killing the current yeast and avoiding more later.  Anyway, sure makes coming up with food to eat even harder.

So now... eating is a chore.  I nearly cried when I went to the grocery store for my weekly shopping.  Not much I can eat... and what I can eat is super expensive!  Sigh... more fun adventures in seeking health.  I am hoping that I am making progress.

Meanwhile, the kids are doing well.  Chad works out for hours a day.  He considering entering a body building contest now.  When he can't get to the gym he improvises.  LOL.  He will use family members as weighs and resistance.  He is all registered to start school in September.  Sure hope he likes that.  Now, we just need to get the kid a job.
 Hannah is doing well in rehearsal.  She has been a great singing for a long time, but now she is starting to be a real actor.  Not only is she entertaining, but she is adding more and more depth to her character each rehearsal.  So hard to believe she is only 15!  I definitely need to get her into some kind of acting camp or something.  She is getting the best that Central can offer, but it would be nice if real acting classes were offered!  At this rate I could see her being very successful in college in a musical theater major.

 Lilli is doing well too.  She struggles with her lines sometimes, but she has a great little personality on stage.  It's hard because she gets half the practice since I double cast that part.  Still, she is coming along.  She is also excited because I signed her up for dance in the fall.   She will be a class helper to help pay for the classes.  She will be plenty busy this fall.

We have started gathering props for Secret Garden and we had our last rehearsal in the rehearsal space.  Time to move to the theater.
 Lilli has been babysitting a cat named Lily for one of my students.  we had a scare last week where we couldn't find her.  Lilli was very sad.  See... the cat is fast and many people around here are not observant and didn't see the cat escape when a door was open.  The cat was missing for 2 days and a night.  We said prayers.  We looked all around the neighborhood.  We made signs.  No cat.  Then, there she was... climbing up Chad's window screen.  She hasn't tried to escape since that.  She really is a nice cat.  She is friendly.  She purrs.  She likes people.  She is not like our other cats.  Lilli wants to keep Lily.  John says we need to reduce the numbers of animals around here.  I am choosing to stay out of it.  Oh wait.  It's me that volunteered Lilli to babysit Lily.  LOL.
 This is how we roll.  Kimber was nice enough to take Lilli to the park with Ben.  Ben is funny at the park.  He likes to walk UP the slide.  Silly boy.
 Kimber was watching another little girl so they all went and played in the new splash pad and fountain at Mainstreet Park.  I think Ben liked it.
 Lilli LOVED IT!

Meanwhile, Hannah went to youth conference.  This year they went over to Lincoln City.  She didn't take her phone (her only camera), so I stole this picture off Facebook from one of the other youth.  It's the dance on the beach.  You can pretend that one of those shadows is Hannah goofing off with Jacob and Emma.   Emma and Hannah said that the best part of the whole thing was when they were assigned to clean the beach they found someone's broken thong, and I'm not talking shoe here.  They were bummed that they couldn't all ride in the same car and that the lights in the room that the girl slept in never went out because no one knew how to turn them off.

After everyone returned from youth conference we packed up and went to see My Fair Lady at the Broadway Rose theater in Tigard.  I bought 4 tickets, but Liili didn't want to go and Kimber still had an extra person, so we offered the ticket to Emma.  We drove up and enjoyed the show.  It was pretty good.  Elisa was a good singer but not a good belter.  We all loved the father character.  My student was in the show.  She was fun to watch.  I like seeing the shows at that theater.  Sadly, I am not impressed with next years season.  There is only one show I'd go see.  At least the Pentacle Theater season is great!  I think we might get season tickets for the Pentacle season and a few other tickets for a few extra shows here and there.

We also celebrated Chad's birthday.  Sort of... Hannah was gone to youth conference... McKay is far away... Kimber and Ray went to the coast with the Jessops... and Chad really just wanted to sleep, hangout and work out.  John and I gave him a gym membership for the summer and some money for get weight lifting gear... Lilli gave him new head phones... John made him dinner... Jacob, Hannah and Emma tried to wake him up and give him a cake at 7 in the morning before they left for youth conference.  He told them to go away.  They came back the next day and did presents with him then.  They did silly random stuff and wrapped it all up... individually, including a paper clip... like he would do for Jon.  Goof balls.  He seemed pleased enough.  Birthdays are really under rated around here.  I guess that is my fault.


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