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Boyack Weekly - ok two week Report

I suppose it is about time that I caught up on the Boyack report.  We have entered that time of year where there is plenty to do... but it's routine, and let's face it... boring.  Chad has started classes at Chemeketa... Hannah goes to the high school all day... and Lillian and I hang out at home to do home school.  It makes it hard to feel motivated to write in a blog about what we have been up to because there isn't much to say... even if we do feel terribly busy.  We did take a Saturday afternoon and went to the Pentacle Theater Volunteer Appreciation Picnic.  We had to laugh because the main attraction was a picture with Cinderella, the Prince and the carriage... been there, done that.  Still, Hannah wanted a picture with Kimberly and Sterling.

We went to our first Central High School Football game for the year (It will most likely be my only football game for the year.) Hannah is really into being a Super Fan.  She and her friends dress up and act crazy in front of t…

Finding Myself in The Secret Garden

I had the extraordinary opportunity to direct The Secret Garden for the Pentacle Theatre, a local community theater in Salem.
At first I wasn't sure about it.  It’s a big show.  It has very difficult music.  It’s not a well known musical.  However, I decided to attempt the show anyway with the encouragement of my friend Jeff and one beautiful dream.
I read the book, The Secret Garden, as a child.  As I reviewed it I was surprised to rediscover a story of death, abandonment, fear, and neglect housed within the pretenses of a flowery tale of a precocious girl and a garden. The novel was unexpectedly truthful -- probably one of the reasons so many of us were intrigued by the story as children. Burnett respected young people and had faith in everyone’s abilities to face the darkness of the world and emerge with the light.

I love this soaring musical version of The Secret Garden, which begins with a mood of secrets, solitude and sadness and yet, ends with joy and redemption.  It’s a tribu…