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Week at the Boyacks - catch up

Now it's time to catch up on reporting what's been happening around the Boyack house for the past couple of weeks... I'm not home much so I'm not too sure.  LOL.  We've been very busy.  we started school.  Hannah is going to Central High School again.  She has a full schedule including two choir classes, Honors English, biology, geometry, geography, and .  Lillian is still doing school at home.  Chad begins school at Chemeketa Community College tomorrow.  Case is still coming to see us everyday.  His mom is trying to get him into a Headstart program.

We opened and closed The Secret Garden.  I got my hair done for opening night.  The girl working on the show doing hair did it for me.  She put in some red highlights.  That was fun.

Ray got a job in LaGrande.  Kimber and Ben stayed with us.  Ben likes us, but he wanted to go home... especially when Kimber went to the final rehearsals for The Secret Garden.  Sad little boy.  He would stand by the door until he fell asleep.  Chad and John were after in charge.  Ben just wasn't interested in them much, however.  At least he really liked Lilli. He was always happy to see her.

 Before they left, Kimber took Ben and Case to a picnic with Yvonne.  They got to play with rockets.  They had tons of fun doing that.  I think these two little friends are going to miss each other.
  Kimber spent days packing up their little apartment while Ben played at our house.  At first, we didn't think she would need very many boxes.  We were wrong.  It is always a big surprise to find out that you have that much stuff!  When Ben went to visit the apartment, he was not happy!  It didn't look like his house anymore.  The longer he didn't get to go home the grumpier he became.  LOL.  Still... he is a very good nature little guy.

 Only Yvonne, Jacob, Chad, Hannah and I turned up on moving day.  I was sad that no one from Kimber's ward bothered to check and see if she needed help.  I know she would say she was fine, but come on!  She has never moved.  She is young.  How would she know that moving is overwhelming!  Yvonne had to leave after an hour.  I had to help the boys re-pack the trailer after I cleaned the kitchen.  There was no way that we were getting all the furniture and boxes into the trailer we borrowed from the scouts.  In the end, we filled the trailer, my Jessops Excursion and our suburban.  After we got it all in the trucks, I had to leave for a doctor's appointment.  Yvonne came back, and Kimber's visiting teacher showed up and they finished cleaning the apartment.  It took all day.
 Saturday morning they packed into the trucks and drove to LaGrande to meet Ray.  Sad day.  It's a huge bummer that Ben and Kimber don't walk over every day.  It's a huge bummer that Kimber won't be around to watch Lilli's games or dances or to see Hannah perform.  We will miss them.
 Lillian went on the trip with John.  It was a very long day for them... especially for John.  They stopped on the way back to get a new water heater because our water heater died.  Let me tell you... cold showers bring back a few memories from my childhood.  LOL.
Ben was happy to see his dad... and to get a pop cycle.  I have trained him well.  LOL.
 I am going to miss this face.... sigh.
We harvested a ton of tomatoes so far from the garden.  We were able to can 21 quarts of tomatoes and 56 pints of salsa... and we are not done yet!
 This year I have new canning partners.  Hannah was a good helper.  I told her she had to be if she wanted the salsa.  John helped too.
 However, I didn't do peaches this year.  I still have tons form last year.  Hannah and I are the only ones eating them.  Chad refuses to eat them because they don't have nutritional information on them.  His lose... but it saves me tons of time... and money.
 Spiders are moving in flocks... do spiders move in flocks?  Let me tell you!  They are BIG! This spider was on the family room ceiling.  Chad climbed a ladder to get this particular spider.  Lillian FREAKED out.  I think she feels about spiders what I feel about snakes.
 Serious!  We are being invaded!  Look at the size of this SPIDER!  I'm beginning to side with Lillian on this one.
 Most of the past couple of weeks has been occupied with The Secret Garden.  Over all, it was a good experience.  I do have to say that I got a nasty note that made the mama bear want to come out in me... and I had a couple issues with attitudes... and I was sad that our numbers were so down (we never sold out)... and the toilets backed up one night... and an actor got very sick and we had to send him to the ER... all that aside, I loved this show.  I dreamed it and the actors met that dream.  The last few nights I didn't take notes.  I just sat and soaked it all in.  It truly was a moving, beautiful show.  People missed out.  I will miss these people.  Thankfully, I live with a couple of them and work with others closely, so I will still see them around.  Best part... my mom and dad got to see the show... Hannah and Lilli did a great job... Kimber created awesome dances... one of my best friends gave one of the most moving performances I have ever seen... one of my students (and super good friend) sounded amazing... feeling accomplished.

Catch you next week... if I have anything to report.  :)


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