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Crimes of the Heart

I just wrapped up a production of Crimes of the Heart at Central High School.  Once again, I served as the Tech Director and Set Designer.  For this play I mentored my daughter, Hannah, as a Lighting Designer as well (I even had her draw her first light plot and learn some lighting theory for this job).

I started with a model...
 I drew out plans on graft paper including a basic floor plan...
 ... back elevations...
 ... and platform maps.

I taped the floor for the first few weeks of rehearsal.  There were many functions scheduled for the stage, so we only had 10 days to put the set up, paint it, decorate it and light it.  Crimes of the Heart is the first production that Central High School has put the audience on the stage with the set.  I designed it to be a thrust stage (although the director choose to not put the chairs fully on all three sides).
 On our first work day we were able to get all the platforms legged and placed.  We were able to start the back stairways as well.
 I …

Weekly Report of the Boyack House

Things are moving along here at the Boyack house.  One of my favorite times of day is teaching Seminary.  This past week I taught about the "awful monster" mentioned in 2 Nephi.  I drew this on the board.  I think it's pretty good for a stick-figure picture.  LOL.  I had the kids draw there own monsters too.  One kids drew a snake.  I agree.  One kid drew a guy stabbing a dragon.  Pretty impressive.  But, Hannah's picture made me laugh.  She drew a spider.  LOL.  Lillian would have to agree.  We are moving a little slowly.  I'm going to have to pick it a bit.  I am still in 2 Nephi.  It's hard to move forward when there is so much to teach and so little time to teach it.  Oh well... the main goal is to teach study stills.  They will need to be able to find these truths on there own soon enough.

Hannah and I spent our evening at the high school for the Fall play.  I was the Tech Director/Set Designer and went to support the director and solve problems.  Hann…

Boyack Update

I guess I was waiting for something exciting to happen and maybe a picture or two before I posted an update.  Sadly, it's been two weeks and nothing super exciting has happened... I haven't taken any more pictures... but if I get out of the habit of posting some kind of update I may never get back to it.  Let's face it.  That would not be good for posterity.  How else would they know we live a mundane life.  LOL.

Let's see... what has happened around here?

Hannah goes to school.  I don't like it much.  She is never home.  When she could be home, she asks to go to her friends' houses.  She's been getting to be more teenage-like.  You know... snippy... not asking but telling... avoiding helping around the house... teasing Lilli.  I miss the sweet helpful Hannah.  Darn School.  At least she is getting good grades.  She is liked be many people.  She is designing lights for the fall play.  She is a "super fan" at the football games.

Lillian is busy wit…

Favorite Conference thoughts - October 2013

I love Conference!  We are so lucky to have such great instruction, inspiration, and spirit twice a year.  I wish it were longer... or more often.  I could use the pick me up on some days.

The following are the impressions I had as I listened to this semi-annual General Conference:

Saturday Morning

What?!  No new temple announced... that's new...Christ has commanded us to share the gospel.  I'm not good at that.  I try, but I really don't know who else to talk to.  I guess I will have to settle for doing my best to live what I believe and talk to whoever will listen... so more.I can help by making a contribution to the missionary fund.  I need to look at the budget.Elder Hales reminded me to do more about what I learn in Conference... I guess making this list is a start.I did well at STARTING a Conference Study thing last conference, but I lost steam.  I should start that again... even if no one ever "studies" with me.  I will start this week with the first talk.E…