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Boyack Report

Don't be shocked!  I am actually getting to this report before 2 weeks are up.  I know.  Things are getting crazy.

The week was normal... school, lessons, school... and working on the set down at Central High School.

I went down to the school on Wednesday and Thursday intending to work on the set... but I wound up helping with rehearsal instead.  I sure love directing and helping actors find their voice.

Sadly, I also discovered that one of the flats I made last week had been stepped on and was now in need of repair.  Guess I need to remember to put flats against the wall.   I learned that it was stepped on in Drama class.  Clumsy kids.  LOL.

John hasn't been feeling well.  He stayed home from work on Friday.  Why is it that men are the worst sick people?  I don't see why he just didn't go to work because his nose is stuffy and he coughs a little.  He is crabby, but that doesn't seem to be a reason to stay home.  I guess his work freaks out at the sniffles.  Meanwhile, we get to endure his crabbiness.

The crabbiness rubs off.  Chad was crabby and bossed everyone around.  Lillian was crabby and didn't get out of her pjs until afternoon when I forced her to get dressed to go with me to take Hannah lunch.  She and John were at each other over a stray dog she found on the deck, invited in, and wanted to adopt.  John kicked the dog out and the dog didn't get it.  It would find ways into the house and backyard.  Lots of tears... we are not adding a dog to the pack.  Meanwhile, Chad "needed" milk and I HAD to go to the store for his wants.  John added to my list.  When I got home I discovered that no one knew where Case was and stuff was destroyed all over the house.  GAH!  Come on!  Do I have to do everything?  Then Hannah was calling because she wanted lunch.  I thought John had taken care of it... after all, it was the conversation that morning while I trying to leave for seminary.  I was pretty frustrated and packed up the little kids and went to take Hannah lunch.  I had to check Hannah out of class because I got her lunch to her too late, but the school accidentally checked her out for the rest of the day.  I told her she could go back to class, but she decided to go to Wal-Mart with me and to pick grapes.

Picking grapes was an adventure.  My friend Stephanie told me to go get the grapes out of her yard.  Hannah and I got out our clippers and went to work.  Case cried... for at least 40 minutes. (my mood wasn't getting any better).  It was like this:

"It's a bee! Bee!  BEE!"

"It's ok Case.  It won't hurt you."

"Yes it will! I just want to play a game...It is playing hide-and-seek and he's winning!"

Ok the conversation was longer than that.  At helped to break my frustration.

We got the grapes home and managed to get 23 jars of grape juice for storage over the weekend.  Not bad.

 Saturday we worked on Crimes of the Heart set.  I instructed students and Jeff took my car and delivered props back to the Pentacle Theatre and picked up the stove and fridge we get to borrow for the show.

I had the kids paint primer for the floor....
 ... paint the front edge and add the lattice to create the "outside" of the house look.  It's really a finishing touch thing, but I have to assign lots of kids jobs and they need to do things while walls are finished and paint is drying...
..... Some kids worked on building and repairing flats...

 I taught Emma to texture using a feather duster..
It's a great look.  These walls will become the walls for the stair hallway going out of the kitchen.  In all, we finished building walls, attaching stairs and escapes, priming the walls and painting the base coat for the "wallpaper" we will be painting this week, skirting the edge of the stage, finding most of the props, washed the appliances and painting the main stage black for the band concert that is scheduled for this coming week.  The list looks impressive, but the stage looks like nothing happened.  Funny how that works.

 We also spent the rest of the day watching General Conference.  Last in the evening I went to see my friends sing some Broadway songs.  I met up with people and talked theater stuff too.  My Friends Jeff Witt and Heather Toller are very talented.  I love to hear them sing.
 They performed with a lovely singer from Portland and with Jeff's Jon, a fabulous piano master.  I didn't try any of the food there.  This allergy thing I've got makes it hard to socialize... or eat dinner.
The best thing about the week was that Kimber, Ray and Ben came to visit!!!  They slept at our house.  The spent Saturday afternoon and evening with the Jessops.  Kimber was brave (not to mention nice) and worked out with Chad...

Ray even came and helped John work on the Honda (it turns out that the part John replaced isn't the problem)...
The two were inseperable.  Lillian even went to the Jessops to play with Ben.  He would freak out if I hugged Lillian.  Silly boy.  They watched Conference Sunday with us and headed back to LaGrande as soon as the second session was over.  We sure miss those guys.

Oh!  And other great news!  I went on and started exploring.  Years ago I did family history stuff.  I put everything I knew on PAF.  That is now longer a program and I thought I had lost all the information I had.   (good thing I had it on paper too).  Anyway, all is not lost!  I got onto FamilySearch, plugged myself in and found everything I did have AND THEN SOME! I was able to find tons of new stuff.  I'm hooked again.  I had such a great time I will have to limit myself on the time I spend on the site.  I will be adding pictures to the files soon.  It's soo EXCITING!

Now we are starting a new week.  Hope it's a good one!


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