Sunday, October 20, 2013

Boyack Update

I guess I was waiting for something exciting to happen and maybe a picture or two before I posted an update.  Sadly, it's been two weeks and nothing super exciting has happened... I haven't taken any more pictures... but if I get out of the habit of posting some kind of update I may never get back to it.  Let's face it.  That would not be good for posterity.  How else would they know we live a mundane life.  LOL.

Let's see... what has happened around here?

Hannah goes to school.  I don't like it much.  She is never home.  When she could be home, she asks to go to her friends' houses.  She's been getting to be more teenage-like.  You know... snippy... not asking but telling... avoiding helping around the house... teasing Lilli.  I miss the sweet helpful Hannah.  Darn School.  At least she is getting good grades.  She is liked be many people.  She is designing lights for the fall play.  She is a "super fan" at the football games.

Lillian is busy with school.  She is doing better this year with home school... much better focus.  She lines up her cat and her puppy and they all sit in her room and she works away.  She is motivated by her little job at the Dance Studio.  I told her if her school work wasn't done she couldn't go to dance or to work.  She gets to it.  As an added bonus she is getting the hang of math... she doesn't hate it to much.  She is also getting to be a good writer.  She wrote a great talk for the Primary program that she delivered today in Sacrament Meeting.

Chad drives to Chemeketa everyday... although Tuesdays and Thursdays are his long days.  He seems to be doing well in class (although he asks John and I to help with his homework all the time and even got a couple friends to help when we didn't know how to best help him).  He is "cutting" right now.  He wants to loose 5 more pounds before he starts to "bulk" again.  He lifts everyday.  He is getting very strong.  He has posted a couple videos of his progress on his Facebook page.  I think someday we will be cheering for him at some body building competition.

Chad has been dragging John to workouts.  John is dead for a couple of days after that.  John has also been working long hours at work... good for paying down the bills.  He has been great about giving up some time on weekends to help with a set at Central.  He just helped me get running water for Crimes of the Heart.  It's pretty cool.  He is a great chicken farmer.  He now gets 10 eggs a day.  Sadly, one of his "girls" was found dead today.  It looks to me that she stuck her head through the fence and her neck broke.  Poor chicken.

As for me... my days are still the same... home school... seminary... set building... a couple lessons... Case... just a normal, uneventful couple of weeks.

Next report could be more exciting.  Maybe I'll get pictures, after all, Crimes of the Heart opens on Tuesday... Halloween is coming (although I am thinking about boycotting that)... and someone is bound to do something exciting.

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  1. I LOVED Lilli's talk today. The "giant ball of fire" phrase was my favorite imagery phrase. :o) Sure do love her! I look forward to the brew booth with you each year... I have been stocking up on apple juice for the occasion, too. I always enjoy your updates! :o)