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Favorite Conference thoughts - October 2013

I love Conference!  We are so lucky to have such great instruction, inspiration, and spirit twice a year.  I wish it were longer... or more often.  I could use the pick me up on some days.

The following are the impressions I had as I listened to this semi-annual General Conference:

Saturday Morning

  • What?!  No new temple announced... that's new...
  • Christ has commanded us to share the gospel.  I'm not good at that.  I try, but I really don't know who else to talk to.  I guess I will have to settle for doing my best to live what I believe and talk to whoever will listen... so more.
  • I can help by making a contribution to the missionary fund.  I need to look at the budget.
  • Elder Hales reminded me to do more about what I learn in Conference... I guess making this list is a start.
  • I did well at STARTING a Conference Study thing last conference, but I lost steam.  I should start that again... even if no one ever "studies" with me.  I will start this week with the first talk.
  • Elder Hales taught I should study what the kids are learning too so that we can have meaningful conversations... sigh... I am running out of time.  Between study for seminary (my calling) study for Sunday School, study what the kids are learning, study RS lessons, do Family History, and real life, there isn't enough time to do it all.  It's overwhelming.  There isn't time to leave my house and look for people that haven't already turned me down or to serve in my community with all this to do.  Hope God shows me how.
  • Parents are to take the lead in teaching the gospel to their kids.  Be proactive.
  • Do more on Family History
  • Continue to ask the kids, "What did you learn at church today?" during Sunday dinners.
  • Living in the Spirit reflects righteousness
  • take up my cross daily
  • look for gentle reminders that He is there
  • It is possible to change
  • The Sacrament renews ALL covenants
  • God is generous with His power
  • We need each other and our different roles and gifts.  No need to be jealous of gifts or responsibilities of others... including cross gender.
  • God will keep His promises when we honor Him
  • Never look back... look what there is still left to do
  • Faith is always looking ahead
  • When we live the law of tithing we are blessed in ordinary, yet unexpected ways... significant yet subtle
  • Do more with less
  • study the list with the Son's of Helaman
  • I've seen that... retrospective and hindsight
  • set some money aside for emergency and work hard to get out of debt
  • we honor personal agency
  • god is perfect... He can fix this...
  • If we could see heart we would see that we are all struggling have more in common than we don't have in common
  • We are all Hippocrates... the point is to desire to be better today than I was yesterday
  • transform faith into action
Saturday afternoon

  • Happiness depends on living Christ's standards
  • find help in the scriptures
  • I am late but I am clean
  • Scriptures are the key to our protection
  • The best place to influence the world is from the home
  • Teach my kids to act responsible... get an education
  • be a woman who is kind, faithful, good, virtuous, pure...and many more I could write fast enough
  • be a member missionary
  • pray for the local missionaries by name
  • serve with enthusiasm
  • concentrate on small and simple things
  • God can heal all things
  • life is meant to be hard... it is to strengthen us
  • forgive... freely
  • show compassion for those who have mental illness or problems I don't understand
  • hope is never lost
  • watch for stress indicators and stop doing that stressful thing
  • fatigue is a common enemy
  • take time to be well
  • fix what you can and stop worrying about the rest
  • be a missionary
  • ask God to help you be a missionary
  • just talk to people
Sunday Morning

  • Choices lead to happiness...
  • accept and magnify all callings
  • pray for the angels to help wayward family members
  • "I gave Him to you because I knew you could love him..."
  • Let him see what I believe and feel through the choices I make... through my life
  • put God first
  • Family is the center of the PLAN
  • love ALL respect ALL
  • Man cannot change God's laws
  • Hold on... don't cave
  • pray for understanding and what to do about the people in my life
  • work towards true conversion
  • I am responsible for my own testimony.... so is everyone else.  I can't have a testimony for my kids
  • look for peace in my challenges
  • a testimony, like a body needs to be "in shape" look at it
  • Get into Shape!
  • Recognize the power of the Atonement
  • braking a covenant is never justified
  • love the lessons of the Stripling Warriors and their fathers!  Great insight!
  • Repentance is not a punishment... it is hope
  • give time and attention to my family freely
  • everyone has hard times... be patient
  • be grateful for blessing
  • be better today than I was yesterday
  • pray and LISTEN everyday
Sunday Afternoon

  • bondage is spiritual and physical
  • bondage happens when we get stuck on the philosophies of men
  • Christ is the liberator!
  • power in the priesthood is for everyone
  • teach by the Spirit
  • my own person prep is the key
  • search the scriptures more
  • Listen!  To the Spirit and to the students
  • be willing to let go
  • Stand as a witness
  • hang on tight!  It's getting dicey!
  • church meeting teach us to serve as well as give us opportunity to learn doctrine
  • Be ready to celebrate the home coming!
  • Look up!
  • God wants me to develop more faith and trust in him
  • aging is a gift
  • work harder on caring for the temple of my spirit
  • fast for help
  • I am so impressed with President Monson attitude of gratitude... oh to be like him
So there are my thoughts.  I will try harder this time to study the talks before the next conference.

What did you learn?

and here are some of my favorite posters I found on the internet:


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