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Well, the month of November is another month of "same old same old".  Case comes to play... Lilli does school... Hannah and Chad leave and go to school... I clean house.... people mess up the house... Lilli goes to dance and to be a helper at the dance studio... Chad goes to work out.... John goes to work and stays late nearly everyday.  See... nothing changes.  I did spend a couple days working at the high school over the past couples of weeks.  The elementary schools hired me to run their little "musicals" and that is nice because we will need the extra money to have any kind of Christmas.  Sadly, I have a problem collecting on all the money people owe me.  If I added it all up, from all the people that owe me a little something, I could collect nearly $2000.  However, I am not good at the collection processes.  Sigh.
 I've been working on Christmas presents.  I made this funny hat for Ben.  I used Case while I worked out what to do.  I think Case is a litt…

Things I Wonder

This morning I got up and John booked it into the bathroom.  Lilli walked into my room (mind you, it is 5:15 in the morning).

I said, "Rats!  In need that room!"

To which Lilli responded, "No I need it!" as she danced around doing the I-got-to-pees dance.

"Go to the other bathroom!"

For heaven sake!  We have two bathrooms in the house!  There is a family bathroom located conveniently off the main part of the house and there is Master Bathroom, oddly located in the MASTER BEDROOM! Why does everyone insist on using my bathroom?

At this point, I believe the only person using the family bathroom is Hannah.  Lucky girl.  Her bathroom remains fairly clean.

My bathroom, on the other hand, is always a disaster... and occupied.

Both Chad and Lilli insist on showering in my bathroom.  Thus, I need to get up at the crack of stupid to shower.  I never have a clean dry towel.  Clothing is always on the floor (even though there are laundry baskets right there, the extr…

Boyack Report... A few weeks late

Sunday was not a peaceful day.  Chad is stressed about his finals.  He demanded John and my fullest attention to help him understand his writing class homework.  He is hard to help sometimes.  He is so crabby!  However, the biggest drama of the day is that I killed Santa.  You see… I thought Lillian knew that John and I were Santa.  After all, last year she kept saying that she knew we were Santa.  I had forgotten that I had tricked her into believing again, with the help of Yvonne.  My bad.  So when we were sitting around talking at dinner, and I mentioned that I was Santa, Lillian lost it.  I think she cried for an hour.  I tried to apologize.  It didn't work.  I tried to tell her that the spirit of Santa lives in us as we try to help others be happy during the Christmas season.  Oh well… Santa is dead now and I am in the dog house.
Monday I cleaned out the kitchen.  I threw out all food that isn't good for me (with the exception of the noodles that Chad lives on) and threw o…