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Boyack Report... A few weeks late

Sunday was not a peaceful day.  Chad is stressed about his finals.  He demanded John and my fullest attention to help him understand his writing class homework.  He is hard to help sometimes.  He is so crabby!  However, the biggest drama of the day is that I killed Santa.  You see… I thought Lillian knew that John and I were Santa.  After all, last year she kept saying that she knew we were Santa.  I had forgotten that I had tricked her into believing again, with the help of Yvonne.  My bad.  So when we were sitting around talking at dinner, and I mentioned that I was Santa, Lillian lost it.  I think she cried for an hour.  I tried to apologize.  It didn't work.  I tried to tell her that the spirit of Santa lives in us as we try to help others be happy during the Christmas season.  Oh well… Santa is dead now and I am in the dog house.

Monday I cleaned out the kitchen.  I threw out all food that isn't good for me (with the exception of the noodles that Chad lives on) and threw out all food that was too old and yucky to keep.  I got buckets to keep things in so that it would be easier to see what was at the back of the cabinet.  The worst part of cleaning the kitchen is that 15 minutes after I get done, someone comes in and makes some kind of food and messes everything up.  It is a rare thing indeed to have people clean up around here right after they make a mess.

I also attended the first audition for Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.  The first audition was just elementary school kids.  38 kids came, but only 13 kids made it to call back.  Most of them were so cute… even if they couldn't carry a tune.  The second day of auditions had nearly 70 middles school and high school students troop through.  Wow.  So many kids that can’t carry a tune.  Dance went well and call backs went a little long.  Finally, Witt posted a cast list.  I was amazed at the number of kids that refused the role they were given.  Clearly, they did not mean that they would take any assignment.  In all there will be 52 cast members.  Surprisingly, I have about 20 kids interested in tech stuff.  I had better work on dreaming up meaningful jobs for people to do.  Hannah chose not to audition because she wants to be involved with Les Miserables at the Pentacle.  She didn't think she could handle more than one show at a time.  Wise.  However, she is still helping with the high school play.  Right now she is a Production Assistant and if she is not cast in Les Mis I will teach her to call the show and make her the Production manager. (Although I am really hoping she gets into Les Mis.  It would be a fantastic experience).

I can't explain it. Today I feel like I am moving in slow motion. My brain is not firing like usual. I was trying to explain it to my husband. His response leads me to believe that he has bigger problems than I do. He said, "I have that same problem 5 out 6 days a week." He paused and we both started laughing. Obviously, he has bigger problems that I do. LOL. Meanwhile, I don’t feel like making food. I did well on the diet plan until dinner. But now I don't feel like eating or making food. Too much effort. I found some peanuts... and a bite of chicken. I think I will call that good. Meanwhile, I feel colder than usual too. Weird. Still have not found the energy or motivation to exercise. But hey... for two days in a row I have eaten under my allotted calories and reported in. That is something. 

I spent the morning Wednesday at the high school helping with a district choir festival.  A professor from OSU came and helped the 6 choirs in out district with their music.  Each choir got to perform 2-4 songs and then she spent 20-40 minutes with them helping to fix vowel, breathing, musicality and rhythms.  She was fantastic.  What amazed me was how many of the choirs were subpar.  No wonder Central’s choir does so well in competitions! … that and they do have a pretty amazing director.  I think my favorite comment from the professor was, “Say ‘don’t you’.  Notice there is no ‘J’.”  LOL.  We Americans are so lazy.  We usually say “doncha.”  Central’s choir was pretty amazing for only been singing together as a group since September… and it’s BIG! Over 70 kids.

That evening was the fall concert with an Irish theme.  They sang some very fun songs.  Really, all the choirs did fairly well.  I have to say I was impressed.  This seems to be a great group of kids.  Hannah sang nicely too.  She is getting to be such a great little singer!  I could pick her out during one song that her “jazz” choir sang.  (I use the term loosely because they rarely sing jazz music).  She told me that she ask the director about how well they were blending.  He said he could only hear her so she should blend with herself.  LOL.  The other girls are wimpy, I guess.

Halloween came and went with its usual blood and gore… really it did this year.  I was doing the dishes in a hurry.  I didn’t notice that I had put my extremely sharp Cutco knives with the point side up in to the silverware tray.  I my hurry I reach down quickly and felt instant pain!  AHHH!.  Blood was everywhere.  I
leaned on the sink and moaned.  The wound looked to be about ¼ deep.  Chad hurtled a chair and came running to help.  He got me a fresh gauze pad and some ice in a bag.   We were able to get the blooding to stop with pressure and elevation and a little chill from the ice.  I had a lesson, so we strapped the ice to my hand and I taught my student, doing my best to play the piano keys around the bag of ice.  After my lesson, I got the super glue out and glued the wound shut and put a water proof band-aid on my hand.  Let me tell you… it hurt!  It hurt to move my hand.  If my hand was hanging down it would throb.  The skin on my hand was super sensitive.  It hurt to even brush the pads on my fingers.  Good thing Joanna was willing to help with the traditional hot chocolate at Trunk-or-treat. 

To be honest, I wasn’t really excited about going to Trunk-or-treat.  I was seriously considering boycotting the whole thing for weeks.  After all, my kid that loved Halloween the most moved to La Grande; my kid that loved to help moved to Utah; my kid that eats the most is sworn off candy; and that leaves me with a teen that would rather hang out with her friends and a near tween that is getting the short end of the stick because I’m too tired to care.  But Jo started cracking the whip and before we knew it we were loading up the stoves and pans and carting it up to the church.  We had fed the missionaries that night and they were nice enough to help us set up.  Good thing since my hand was throbbing and I couldn't grip anything.  LOL.

Hannah did dress up as Sat and Pepper with her friend Reba.  They came to hang out by us before they went to Reba’s church youth group to play games.  Lillian took her costume on by herself.  She found someone to make her a cat ear warmer headband and black cuffs.  She found black clothes to wear.  She went to Jo’s house and made a kitty collar and tail.  John and I went as ourselves.

We have start “No School November” around here.  The first day of November the district choose not to have school.  I decided to take the kids to the zoo.  I tried to make a family day of it.  I got John to take the day off.   However, we had an unexpected guest turn up at our house, so John decided to stay home with the guest.  Then the guest left and John worked on projects around the house.  Meanwhile, I took Hannah and her friend Reba, and Lilli and her friend Leah to the zoo.  It was a great day… not to cold and not too hot.  The animals were all out and active.  There were even new baby lions.  Lilli pressed her face to the glass at the cheetah enclosure.  A cheetah walked right up and put his face on the glass to her face.  I didn't get my phone out fast enough and missed the picture.  Rats!

My favorite "animals" were the guys in the cherry-pickers hanging all the lights for Zoo Lights

On Saturday I drove into Salem and visited with Carol.  She had come to Salem to help her friend with Body By Vi at the healthy living Convention.  No one came with me because Hannah and Chad went to watch the state cross country meet.  Lilli had a job at the dance studio.  John was working on stuff in the yard.  I had a nice visit with Carol catching up on all the ins and outs of your households.  I wandered around the expo and had many people try to sell me stuff.  I even got a 10 minute shoulder massage.  I needed that!

Finally, the last thing about the last couple of weeks… Food poisoning and a new fridge.  Chad kept complaining about his milk being warm and even threw out a couple gallons because he insisted that they were bad. (I don’t drink milk so I never tested them).  Then John discovered that everything was warm.  Fridge dead… on a Saturday night.  We packed everything into coolers.  Chad got real sick and even skipped school.  And John and I went fridge shopping… and borrowing of cash.  Dang it!  It wouldn’t be so bad if the microwave had blown up (literally) a week before, Chad’s car starter dying, and other various dying and dead items in the household.  I am now to the point in my life where I can laugh it off a bit.  It’s not like I can take it with me.  

Hannah had a picture of her academic award.  She is helping me not be so lame.  :)


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