Friday, November 15, 2013

Things I Wonder

This morning I got up and John booked it into the bathroom.  Lilli walked into my room (mind you, it is 5:15 in the morning).

I said, "Rats!  In need that room!"

To which Lilli responded, "No I need it!" as she danced around doing the I-got-to-pees dance.

"Go to the other bathroom!"

For heaven sake!  We have two bathrooms in the house!  There is a family bathroom located conveniently off the main part of the house and there is Master Bathroom, oddly located in the MASTER BEDROOM! Why does everyone insist on using my bathroom?

At this point, I believe the only person using the family bathroom is Hannah.  Lucky girl.  Her bathroom remains fairly clean.

My bathroom, on the other hand, is always a disaster... and occupied.

Both Chad and Lilli insist on showering in my bathroom.  Thus, I need to get up at the crack of stupid to shower.  I never have a clean dry towel.  Clothing is always on the floor (even though there are laundry baskets right there, the extra effort to shed ones clothing into a basket is an over whelming  exhausting effort).  Hannah isn't exempt from using my bathroom.  She comes in too.

Family is not the only people insisting on using my bathroom alone.  Case refuses to use the main bathroom.  He can be seen running in desperation to use my bathroom..  More than once I have needed to clean the carpet in my bedroom when he was not able to win the race.  I'd rather clean the wood floor on the way to the main bathroom.  It amazes me that even guest in our home make the pilgrimage through my bedroom to use the bathroom.

What is about my bathroom that makes it so special?!

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