Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Weekly Report

The first week of the Christmas season is upon us.  We have entered the seasons of concert, Christmas parties, endless shopping (if there was money), and excitement. However, the calendar says that our chaos should not begin just yet.  Our first week should be a simple week.  For being a simple week in December it has been an eventful one.  It's rather crazy!

I reported last week that Lilli fell off Hannah's bunk bed.  We went to Urgent Care on Sunday and the NP took x-rays and decided that the most likely injury was a crack in the scapliod bone just under the thumb, although she didn't see anything on the x-ray.  She did send us home with a fiberglass splint (fiberglass formed thing from her thumb to her elbow that is held on with an ace bandage).

Well... the NP was wrong.

We followed directions.  We iced.  We gave her Ibuprofen. I even let her out of school since the splint thing didn't allow her to hold a pencil. But her pain increased.  On Wednesday her hand was so swollen that her fingers looked like little sausages sticking out of a softball.  Her elbow felt feverish and was very tender.  I loosened the wrap and had her watch tv with her arm on her head.  Seriously!  It should not be that swollen with all the ice and Ibuprofen.  I called the doctors.  At first they couldn't see how they could get her in to see a doctor.  I was persistent.  She was finally seen around 4.

The next doc was pretty cool.  He sent us back to x-ray.  I told the x-ray tech that I thought they should x-ray her elbow too.  They said no, the doctor hadn't order it.  Whatever.  I know I was right.  After the x-ray we sat in the doctor's office for a while because he wasn't getting the x-ray on his screen.  He finally found an award winning orthopedic surgeon that read the x-ray and said there was a fracture on her wrist below her pinky.  They had splinted the wrong side!  He also said that this kind of break doesn't happen all alone and ordered an x-ray of her elbow.  GAH!  They should have listened to me!  The second x-ray came back.  Her elbow was cracked too!  No wonder she was in pain!  No wonder her arm was swollen!  Idiots.

3.5 hours later we left Kaiser Permanente (after they had all closed) with Lilli in a full cast which she will wear for at least the next 4 weeks.  She will see the orthopedic surgeon officially next week.

In other big news... we all survived Chad's first term in college.  The past week he needed everyone's help to stay on task and write a few papers and study for tests.  He freely admits that what he needs is help staying on task.  John, I and even Hannah, took turns staying up late and helping him.  JennieLinn helped too.... over Skype.  He is hard to help.  When he is frustrated and stressed he can forget to be kind.  But we all cowboy up for the good of the whole.  In the end I think it was worth it.  He is finally relaxing.  He only has one test left.  We can all breath!  Not only that, but he has all A's!  Maybe we all earned those A's.

Chad is not the only one needing a group effort for school.  Case started Pre-School this week.  He gets on the bus at noon on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  He seems excited to go, but he is not excited about getting ready to go.  We made it the first day because Lilli was on top of it and made sure he got on the bus.  However, he missed the bus on Thursday (I was working on helping Chad with his last school assignment) because he wasn't co-operating with Lilli.  We had to drive over to Dallas to take him to the Head Start pre-school.  It's nice to have the afternoons off.

We got a lovely little cold snap... and snap it did.  We got snow... we didn't get any last year.  People we mad that the schools stayed in session.  That may be why they closed school on Monday and had a 2 hour delay for Tuesday.  We didn't get much snow, but we got ice.  I'd say ice is worse that snow.  All danger and no fun. Most extra activities were cancelled all over the valley.  Hannah didn't sing in a concert.... it was cancelled.  We didn't go see a play.... it was cancelled. John couldn't get to work... The roads were bad.  Lilli freaked out a bit when we would drive places.  Once I did a 360 on purpose to prove to her that I was under control.  She wasn't impressed.  I was. (evil smile).  Really... people around here don't get this white stuff.  We don't even have the plow trucks and de-icers .

Case came with no socks nor gloves but wanted to play outside in the snow.  We found some socks for him, but no gloves.  A neighbor saw him and gave him glove.  What a nice neighbor!  Lilli got Charlie to drag her around on the sled.  She even convinced John to play in the snow with her.

We had a little adventure with the pipes with the single digit temperatures.  John was gone getting a few things for St. Nicholas Day and I was working on the computer.  Suddenly, my bathroom started to sing to me.  I knew that sound... broken pipes.  Chad ran around in his undies in the yard trying to get the water off.  It was frozen.  John was able to get it off.  He had not covered the outside faucets soon enough.  They froze.  One froze and started bursting forth water enough to kick in the sump pump.  John was able to get the water off and the faucet fixed.  Thank goodness.  I wasn't looking forward to zero showers.

Chad and Hannah went to play in the snow with Jacob.  They pulled a sled behind a car.  Chad crashed and gashed his knee good.  I super-glued it shut.  Campus security also told them it wasn't a good idea.  Goofballs.

Chad sledding behind Jacob's car.

Friday was St. Nicholas Day.  I had fun teasing Hannah.  I sent her a text at noon and told her that we were sledding and drinking Wassail and eating Christmas Chili.  I didn't say that Wassail and Christmas Chili were for dinner.  She text back that she didn't think that was fair.  I teased her and told her that she was the one that left.  She wrote back that I was a poop and I told her she would get coal for St. Nicholas Day.  Lilli and I looked and found candy coal.  LOL.  We had fun leading Hannah along.  She is such a teenager.  Lilli and I also got a car and some gloves for Case and some gloves and nail polish for his sisters.  She had fun being my little elf.  I had to do something to help her get excited about Christmas since I let the cat out of the bag - that I am Santa.

Sadly, I won't be giving a ton of presents this year.  I had been doing extra stuff here and there for a few months to earn Christmas money.  However, multiple people have not given me the money they owe me... thus, Christmas will be small this year.  It is frustrating because I truly do my best to be a good worker and people don't appear to value that trait.  In all, I am owed around $3000 from about 5 different sources.  This is hard on the budget in other areas too because I can't pay the orthodontist either.  Growl.  I guess it's time to consider some changes in the new coming year... just to get needs met.

Finally, Saturday Lilli and Hannah auditioned for Les Miserables.  They both did very well.  There were so many people there.  Only Hannah got a call back.  She will give it her best shot this week.  Wish her luck.

Well... that is week.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Weekly Report

 This past week was lots of fun!  Kimber, Ben and Ray came to visit!  Ben is super silly.  He can do lots of things now that he didn't do when the moved away.  He says lots of new words.  He climbs everything.  He can control a remote control car.  He can eat an apple a day.  He really likes Curious George.  He loves to play with Lilli... not not so much with the rest of us.

They all arrived on Wednesday night and stayed through Sunday afternoon.

We had spent most of the day making pies and cleaning up rooms to switch people around.

Thursday was spent cooking food and cleaning up messes before the BIG dinner in the late afternoon...  and Kimber, Ben and Ray went over to the Jessops' house for hair cuts.  Ben was not impressed with hair cuts.

 John was a big help.  I needed it.  For some reason my neck and shoulders seized up.  I could hardly move.  He worked like a champ and got the turkey in the oven and the potatoes peeled.  Hannah helped make the deviled eggs.  We made a tons of those... not because we like them, but because our chickens are producing eggs like gang busters (although, I did go to eat one today and there were no eggs to be found!)

Yvonne, Isaac and Jacob came for dinner too.  They brought ham, sweet potatoes, green beans, and some pies.

The day was fairly relaxing with most of us on a computer of some sort, doing what we do best.

... and we even watched football and the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade.

... late in the afternoon we all went to the movies.  The majority of us went to see Frozen.  It was super cute.  I really enjoyed the music in it.  The three teens (Jacob, Hannah and Chad) went to the Catching Fire movie.  They said it was ok, but that the end made them laugh.

We came home from the movies and the kids all stayed up and played board games.  Sadly, Isaac went to the ER that night.  Turns out he had pancreatitus and gall stones.  He stayed in the hospital until today.  He even had surgery on Sunday.  Thankfully, he is on the mend.  Meanwhile, Friday Hannah and Lilli went over to the beach with Yvonne and Jacob.  Kimber and Ben stayed around us at home.  John cleaned up the yard a bit and canned a ton of chicken.  I worked on Christmas stuff and tried to get me back and neck to relax.

Saturday I got in to see a new to me chiropractor.  He was able to help me out a bunch.  Kimber and I also went shopping for fabric with Yvonne.  Sticker shock!  Those fabric stores can be spendy!  We also played more games and watched movies at home.  Because Isaac was in the hospital, Yvonne and Jacob hung out most of the weekend at our house.

We also participated in the Community Messiah Sing-a-long.  Hannah sang in a small group from the high school.  I ran all the tech stuff.  John sang as one of the Three Kings.  I also sang "Refiner's Fire" from the Messiah.  Then we all sang in the Messiah choruses as well.  It was kind if fun.  I do have to admit, I was a little worried because I've developed a ton of chest congestion.  I was worried I wouldn't be able to make it through that very difficult song.  But I did.

Wendy singing Refiner's Fire at the Community Messiah sing-a-long   Click here and you can hear me singing, mom.

John as one of the Wise Guys  Click this purple line to watch John singing as one of the Wise Men in We Three Kings.

Hannah singing with a group of friends  Hannah is wearing a white sweeter and is on the left.

Sunday was also exciting because Lilli and I spent the morning in Urgent Care.  She was hanging off the bunk bed talking to Hannah and lost her grip.  Hannah wasn't able to push her back onto the bed so Lilli fell to the floor.  She landed funny on her hand.  Hannah did some first-aid and in the morning it seemed pretty clear that we needed to get an x-ray.  

It turns out that a little bone in her wrist may have a compression fracture.  However, it is a small bone and it was pushed up into her hand funny, so there wasn't a clear picture of the damage.  They decided it would be "better safe than sorry" and put her in a fiberglass splint and sling for the next 10 days.  The theory is that in 10 days mending would be easily detected if there was a break and than a cast could be prescribed.   If there was in fact, no break than no harm done.  At the very least she has a severe sprain.  Truth is, that is worse in my book.  it's hard to completely heal those peaky ligaments.  At any rate, she is working this injury.  She is left handed and she has wounded her left arm, so she thinks she should get out of school.

 other big news... Hannah learned to make rolls.  They look great and I hear they taste pretty good too!

... and those silly seminary students of mine added a few pictures to my phone.  I had passed my phone around to get everyone's cell phone so I could text everyone if Seminary was cancelled.  They decided that i needed a few more pictures.