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A Star is Born

I was asked to design a concert/cabaret type set for the fund raiser for Pentacle Theater.  My friend Jeff Witt was the director.  When we originally talked the show was to be a Disney review.  A few weeks before it opened the show format had to change because they didn't have rights to the Disney songs.  I quickly changed to a Broadway review with a few Disney songs.  Still, I wanted the look to be as classy as possible. I also needed to spend as little money as possible because the point of the show is to earn money.

I started by borrowing platforms, legs and stairs from Central High School.  While we were working on the Willy Wonka set I had a few people put the legs on the platforms and paint it with some left over paint I had from previous sets.  We ordered 30 yards of trico fabric and I made 3 drops with left over grommet tape.  We borrowed trailers and hauled it all over to Chemekata in Salem.  Within a couple hours we were able to get the platforms and stairs up with most…

A Little Catch Up in January

This has been w VERY busy month!  Thus, the month is now over and I am just getting to reporting on what we did.  Lame excuse, I know.  but at least I am making an effort.  :)  Here is what is keeping us all so busy.  We are doing more than one show at a time.  Crazy.   I know.  But it just happened.  
We started working on Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (to be performed at the CHS at the beginning of February.)  It's a big undertaking.  There are lots of pieces to the set.  Rather than a pink candy boat, I decided to go with a giant newspaper boat.

It looks st great!  One small problem.  When you put 9 kids in the boat, it won't roll anymore.  Gah!  besides, 1000 pounds adds up on those little castors and the OompaLoompas can't put it.  LOL  Today is a tech day.  We will have to see if we can change the design to see if we can get it to move.  At this point, I'm even considering taking the pumpkin off the carriage and putting the boat on instead.  That would …

Ringing out 2013 and Bringing 2014

I thought it was about time that I finish off 2013... no rush.  Right?  Let's see.  Since I last posted something we had a Christmas Dance Recital.  Lilli loves dance... almost as much as Kimber did.  She loves to be a "helper" and she LOVES to tap.  We were surprised by a little solo she had in the middle of a class dance for a class she is the helper for.  Sadly, there are no girls her age really interested in dance so she is dancing in classes far below her level of skill.  The following are links to her performances.
Lilli's Candy Can class
One of the class Lilli helps with
Lilli's Lyric class
Lilli's hip hop/jazz class
Lilli's tap class
Lilli's ballet class
We also got to watch Hannah's choir concert.  John got a few of the choir performance on the cell phones.  Here are some links to a few of their performances:
Ding Song Merrily
Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy
White Christmas
'Tis A Wonderful Thing
God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
The First Noel
Peace, …