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Yet An Other Report for the Boyack

It is time to do some catching up.  For the  past two weeks we have been busy working on Willie Wonka.  Hannah is my right hand man.  She is the Assistant Director and she is also my Tech Assistant.  She even got her name in the program as such. We have up in a large number of hours getting this set done and working out all the kinks.  After we close on Friday, I will blog about the whole set and give a run down on each of the pieces involved in the show.  Hannah also helped me with working lighting and sound issues.
 We were snowed out of our opening night.... actually, we had to cancel the whole opening weekend.  This was very stressful for the cast and crew.  The director was the most stressed.  He was set up for loosing a ton of money.  He was able to pay a $500 fee and to add a matinee and two performances for this coming week.  Adding shows that are not in the advertising is always a risk.  But I think it will pay off.  So far we have had some of the largest audiences I have ev…