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Boyack Update

I really should give up calling it the Weekly Update.  I am not good at Weekly.  Maybe I should call it the Weakly Update.  At any rate, here is what we have been up to around here:

Hannah got her Driver's Permit.  This is how the first drive went (thanks Kimber for typing it all out while we were attempting to drive down the road):

Hannah (most of the time): AAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! I can't go until this person moves! Oh no! Is that person going park by me!?!?!

Mom: Let go of the break please!

Hannah: Once those people get out of the car I'll move.....Oh no I think I know those people! Don't open the window!

Mom: It's hot! We've been sitting here forever!


Mom and Lillian: Laughing historically.

Hannah: If you laugh when we move I might kill all of us!!! AAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!! Here we go!

Mom: We've been sitting here for 10 minutes!

Hannah: Okay, only 9 more minutes to go!

Hannah: oh my gosh oh my gosh!!!! ......okay am I straight? ......oh no there is a car moving over there!

Mom: Now you need to use the gas part.

Hannah: Oh no! oh no!!! .......Now I'm on an actual road! AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

Lillian: Hannah Blinker!

Hannah: It's going! I can't do it! Crap! Okay! AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

Mom: Turn the wheel! There are people behind you!

Hannah: Oh my gosh! I'm moving! AAAAAAAaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh! THAT WAS THE SCARIEST THING OF MY LIFE!!!

Lillian: Hannah you're a scardy cat!

Hannah: Oh I got to move my foot, I got to move my foot!

Lillian: Ahhh I'm scared!

Hannah: I told you you' be scared!

Lillian: I'm going to pee my pants!

Mom: You need to let off the brake! ....Get yourself away from the sidewalk! Stop!

Hannah: I thought I did stop!

Mom: Turn now! 

Hannah: Right now?!?!

Mom: Turn now!!

Hannah: OOOooohhhh OOoooohhhhh!!!! 

Mom: Turn faster! 

Hannah: I actually was pretty smooth..... I told you you'd be scared!

Mom: I wasn't scared, I was humored! 

It took her 10 minutes to get out of the parking lot... her foot on the brake and the the transmission in drive.  Silly girl. Then we stopped at Wal-Mart.  Mind you... she only drove out the parking lot, around the corner and into the parking lot.  I got us out of the parking lot when we left and pulled over on a country road to let her drive later.  This is how that went:

Hannah: OKay okay okay how fast can I go?

Mom: 25

Hannah: AAAAHhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! Okay okay! ...........go go! .....I can hit the gas.....oh my gosh oh my gosh!

Mom: Stay between the lines!

Hannah: I can't tell! AAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! ..... I'm going straight! aahhhhhhhh!! ......It scared me a little!

Mom: Stay in the lines!

Hannah: I am!

Mom: No you're not. 

Hannah: I'm not!

Mom: Don't swerve!

Hannah: go go go! AAAAAAAHHH!!!!!!!!

Mom: Stay between the lines!

Hannah: Am I going?

Mom: Relax. You are going to wreck if you aren't relaxed.....keep your glasses on, there are people behind you..

Hannah: I'm going 35.

Mom: It's 55.

Hannah: I thought it was 35!! ....I'm going faster! Oh my gosh! I feel like I'm going really fast!

Mom: You are going fast.

Hannah: Don't talk! It's getting intense!

Mom: You get to go again there is no train.....relax you are going to rip the steering wheel from its're going 55.

Hannah: I don't want to go 55!

Mom: I know you don' need to look where you are going to drive. Look ahead and drive straight. 

Hannah: Okay stop talking everyone!

Mom: Oh my gosh oh my gosh you're hilarious!

Hannah: Don't say that! You aren't allowed to say that!

Mom: I can say it, you're being funny!'re going 25, that's half the speed limit! .....look down there.

Hannah: I am looking down there!

Mom: now we just need to plan an hour to get to Dallas.....get off the shoulder, you're driving on the shoulder.

Hannah: I am! 

Mom: You're going into the gravel.

Hannah: I am? I can't tell!

Mom: Move over!

Hannah: I feel like I'm on the yellow line! ......Oh I can slow down now. slow down!

Mom: keep going.....get on that side.

Hannah: I feel like I am!

Mom: You're're in the middle of the shoulder.

Hannah: No. The road is bumpy! ...... I don't need to slow down! .........AAAAHHHOOOHHHOOOHAAAAHHHHH! Okay okay! ............oh my gosh it wasn't even that bad!

Holy Cow!  She is funny.  I will need to plan an hour to drive with her to Dallas (10 miles) in the future. And maybe we will need crash suits too.  LOL. 

This is what Lilli thought of getting in the car with Hannah at the wheel.

Hannah was a last minute entry for the school/community Talent Show... She won.

McKay and Myles, Kimber, Ray and Ben came for the weekend to see Hannah in Les Miserables.  It was too short of a visit... especially when you consider the fact that we were busy with the show and didn't really get to hang out.  Gr-ma and Gr-pa Mabee came too and they brought Anna.  It really was a big party!  Kimber and Ben stayed for the week.  That was fun.  We were able to find a cute little house form them to move into.  We are super excited they will be moving back in a couple of weeks!

Lilli is making great friends with the Les Miserable kids.  It is fun that Les Miserables has been a bit of a family affair.  I am glad that my two little girls share my love for theater.  Too bad it won't be forever. 

I started working on You're A Good Man Charlie Brown.  Auditions are coming up.  I've met with the costumer and the choreographer. I talk with my Assistant Director all the time. I will be ready! It will be nice to work with  a small cast for a change.  

I also turned in my proposals for the 2015 Pentacle Season.  It turns out I got another show.  I get to direct The Addams Family the Musical, performing in October 2015. I am pretty excited, although there is a small piece of me that has lost the excitement because everyone in my life isn't as excited about my theater opportunities as I am.  Oh well.  I can't win for trying.  At least I get to direct a few shows that I've always wanted to direct.  

I love having this creative outlet.  I spend most of my days by myself... even on spring break.  For spring break, the kids have stayed up late and sleep in until past noon.  John goes to work.  As a result, I spend most of my days by myself... cleaning up after everyone else.  Then I head to the show around 5.  Without the theater to go to I'd live a fairly lonely life.  LOL.

Last night my perch was sold to audience members (we have so many people wanting to get in that we have a wait list every night and last night we sold "standing-room-only").  The crew did fine without me.  Truth be told, I did my job well and I really don't need to be there anymore. LOL.  Besides, it's a Robert Salberg production.  He can sovle the problems now.  LOL. However, I'll show up and open the doors tonight and tomorrow, since they are the final two shows.  I might as well.  But I bet my seat is sold again and I will be sitting on the deck.

I also started up my Salad A Day thing again.  So far so good.  I've done better this time... so far.  I think it helps that I've been posting recipes and stuff.

So that is the report.  Tow more days of Les Miserable and we put that show to bed.  Then it's on full swing with Into the Woods and Charlie Brown


  1. BWUAhHAHAHAHA! (*inhales*) HAHHAHHAHAHAHA! I about peed MY pants went you mentioned the gravel!!!!


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