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A Not So Weekly Report on the Boyack Adventures

 You would think our lives would slow down once Les Miserables was over.  WRONG.  We are all still busy and rarely home.  Lilli is busy with many dance classes.  Hannah is always at the school - she even insists on staying there to do homework and is often there into the night for Into the Woods rehearsal.  Chad is at school or working out.  John is always at work and doesn't come home until very, very late. I am often running people around to appointments, helping at the school, and keeping Case busy. Now we have our friend living at our house too.  He is often gone at work or playing with his girls.  About the only things you can find at home are the dogs, cats and chickens.
 Lillian got to celebrate her birthday with the kids involved in Les Miserables.  Our silly friend Lyndsey organized a party for all the kids... ice cream, a water fight and dress up.  She had a fabulous time.  After the party, John took Lillian to get to get a new bike for her birthday.  I'd say she had a great birthday.  Oh, and we Skype her sisters to do cake and ice cream and her last present... Frozen the movie.

 Remember all those headbands I made around Christmas?  Well, I made a few more and sent them to Sarah.  I got this fun picture in return. I'm glad she likes them.  I am now working on a granny square afghan.  Oh, and I finished an afghan I started for Chad for Christmas.  It was a long project.  I looked up the family Tartan for the Boyack family and made a the patten to represent that.  It turned out pretty.  It's heavy and warm too.
 I've been helping with the play at the high school.  I've been going to the high school to help in the tech class and with the production class.  The production class is doing Into the Woods.  Hannah is in that class.  She is playing the Witch.  I am designing and building the set.  We set the show in New York City.  It makes for an interesting twist on all the points in the plot.  I also help the director stay organized with creating the schedule, making signs so that the kids know what we are working on now, etc.I also started the block... for two reasons.  The director was a bit overwhelmed with Les Miserables performances and I knew the set well.  I started all that to be a help, but I sometimes feel bad because it looks like I took over the class.  I don't mean to.  I know he is the real director.  It just doesn't look like it on some days.  LOL.  He put my name on the poster.  I told him he needed to take it off... but he didn't.
 These kids are pretty silly.  What frustrates me the most is how far they are behind in getting this show off the ground in 3 weeks.  That's right.  We have three weeks until we open.  The show is one of the toughest shows in Musical theater to tackle.  Yet, tackle it we did.  They are not memorized.  Many have not made this show a priority.  We often don't have everyone at rehearsal.  We don't have the set because we have the shell up for a bunch of events that have taken over the auditorium.  Talk about I'M FREAKING OUT!  I've never felt this kind of pressure on a show.  I sure hope we are able to pull this off.  First of all, I love the concept.  I love the score too.  And some of these kids are starting to grow on me.  But I really want to see the theater program in the school to grow and flourish.
 Hannah is getting into politics a little too.  Her picture was used here as part of a political campaign. Our friend from Les Miserables is running for office.  Hannah and her friend Jacob got into some political conversations with him.  I think the serious look on her face is funny.  She is never serious and is usually clueless.  LOL.

We spent two Saturdays working on the set for Into the Woods.  The stage was full of the sound shell for all the concerts and events that were scheduled in the auditorium, so we painted the flats in the hall. When every thing was finally able to move to the stage we successful got the set up and finished in ONE WEEK!  I was so pleased.  Really, the only reason we made it was because of the great help I got... including from my friend John Hatch.  I love how fast he works and how he just understands what I need to be done.

While I've been busy with Hannah and the HS project, Lillian and John have been spending some quality time together.  They went on a hike to the giant trees over by Fall City.  John has also bee working on fixing the utility trailer and the yard.  He has had some help with the yard.  We have a friend living with us right now and he has been helping with a few chores.

Hannah was on the Academic All Stars again.  I went and watched her stand inline forever to shake the Superintendent's hand.  Although I applaud the students that keep their grades up, I find this recognition rather shallow.  This administration seems to honor the athletes far more than the other students.  I find it shameful some kids are given more attention and more credit than other kids.  Oh well.  It's always been that way.  I guess I don't see it ever changing.  But it doesn't make me any less disappointed and rather cranky.


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