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A Salad a Day: Take 2

Yesterday was a left over salad day.  Today is a new salad day.  Today I not only tried a new salad, I tried a new noodle recipe.  Of course, I substituted the cheeses for non-dairy and cheeses from the health food store and I used quinoa noodles.  So YUMMY!!!!!

Avocado, tomato, cucumber and mozzarella salad with balsamic vinegar and whole-seed mustard dressing

Pasta Carbonara Florentine


6 center-cut bacon slices, chopped1 cup finely chopped onion2 tablespoons dry white wine1 (6-ounce) package bagged prewashed baby spinach8 ounces uncooked gluten-free spaghetti1/2 cup (2 ounces) grated fresh Parmesan cheese1/2 teaspoon salt1/2 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper1 large egg1 large egg white3 tablespoons chopped fresh parsley

Preparation1. Heat a large nonstick skillet over medium heat. Add bacon to pan; cook 5 minutes or until crisp, stirring frequently. Remove bacon from pan, reserving 2 teaspoons drippings in pan; set bac…

A Salad a Day: Take Two

Holy Cow!  This was a good salad.  Yesterday I just ate leftover salad.  Today I tried something new and it was worth it!  I found this TASTY recipe on Pintrest.  Boy!  What did we ever do without Pinterest?
BLT CHICKEN SALAD Rating: 5 Prep Time: 20 minutes Cook Time: 30 minutes Total Time: 50 minutes Yield: 4 entree-size salads
Bacon, lettuce and tomatoes are naturals with oven fried chicken, feta cheese and a peppery ranch dressing.

Ingredients: 1 cup fat-free buttermilk, divided 1 large egg lightly beaten 3/4 cup panko (Japanese breadcrumbs) or seasoned bread crumbs 1 pound skinless, boneless chicken breasts or cutlets

The Seussification of A Midsummer Night's Dream

Once again I am painting a Seuss-type set.  I must say I am getting quiet good at painting Seuss... all thanks to my friend Robert Salberg who has a thing for all things Seuss.  This time his school was working on The Seussification of A Midsummer Night's Dream.  I believe his 8th graders were the performers.  At any rate, he isn't fond of painting sets for himself, so he paid me to do it.  I was able to get Hannah (16) and Lilli(11) to do most of the helping on this set.  A few of the kids from the Tech Theater class at Central helped for a few minutes as did a couple of Hannah's friends.  However, the bulk of the work was done by Hannah, Lilli, my friend Jeff and my self.  I would chalk the design on and they would paint the shape.

Once everything was painted we lined each shape with a Sharpie (I couldn't find paint pens this time).  Per tradition, I worked in everyone's name that worked on the set.  It's easy to do when it's a Seuss set.  In all we pain…

Into the Woods

My friend Jeff Witt came to me in February and wanted me to come up with a set idea that was "outside the box" for his spring production of Into the Woods at Central High School.  I thought about it and approached him with the idea of setting the show in New York City.  My reasoning was this - we are from a small town and the big city was just as scary to these kids as the woods would be to city kids.  He was reluctant at first, and then warmed up to the idea.  
The kids were a bit resistant at first too.  The production was part of a class.  The original production was to be Urinetown, but the administration shot it down 2 weeks into the semester. The director had to come up with plan B, thus Into the Woods.  The many of the kids mourned the loss of the first show the whole time and I think it effected their experience with Into the Woods.  However, I loved it!

I loved the idea of the buildings being tree like, but I wasn't sure how to pull it off.  I decided that I wo…