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The September Report

 Here it is... the long awaited review of the adventures at the Boyack house throughout the month of September.

We started the school year.  Lillian and Hannah started school right after Labor Day.  Lillian is rocking the home school.  She gets all of her assignment done quickly and is able to be a helper at the Dance Studio and take classes in the afternoons.  Hannah isn't thrilled with her schedule.  She doesn't have many classes that have friends in them.  This year the high school is also having two lunches and her friends are not all in the same lunch.  It could be a looong year!  Hannah also joined the Model UN club this year.  She is also continuing to practice driving... I love her driving outfits (her footie jammies) in particular.

She is a fashion deva... see future fashion plates later in the blog.  LOL.
 Mom closed her show, Your'e A Good Man, Charlie Brown.  It was a great show.  I had a great cast.  I will miss seeing most of them everyday (I do see a couple of them everyday ;))

We did a fund raiser performance for Children's Educational Theater.  I laughed out loud when I saw this life size cut out of Robert... a.k.a. Charlie Brown.  Laughed even harder when I saw he posed with himself.
 We had a cast party after the final show.  I gave all the cast the jammies that we made for the show.  Dani (my AD) made the cast these cute little gnomes of each of the characters.  I'm glad she can take my cash and make something cute and creative out of it because I was too tired to be creative.

 We nearly finished the set for Beauty and the Beast at Central High School.  I volunteer two hours a day at the high school and help with the make up class and the tech class.  Jeff was super sick for a week.  I ended up teaching the classes those days while the subs sat and watched me.  I decided I need to get on getting a sub licence.  I'm just waiting for my transcripts now and them I will pay for the privilege to sub.   Laws are weird like that.
 I will write more about the set in the Beauty and the Beast blog.  Just know that we created multiple rolling stair units and a couple flying walls.  There are so many scene changes in a short amount of time!  it's even worse when it's a Junior version... which we are doing.

Hannah and Lillian and I have also been going to all the rehearsals after school.  I've been helping three days a week with blocking and stuff.  It makes for a some longs days.
 For my free time I made this cute dress... it's like a dafadil ... with a head band...

... a blanket... I forgot to take a picture...
 ... and this  blessing dress, booties, and head band for Lenayah...

The dress turned out so cute!  I will have to try that again... but I might need to make it slightly bigger.  It nearly didn't get on Lenayah.  LOL.
 Then, we drove to Logan to witness Lenayah's baby blessing.

Hannah, once again, traveled in style.  I am sure that all the people at all the places we stopped (Wal-Mart, gas station, rest areas) were all jealous that that weren't as stylish as Hannah in this outfit.
 It took us 13 hours to drive there.

We sang the whole way to pass the time.
 And we did home work...

... and watched movies on dad's phone....
 We had fun visiting with Myles, McKay, Lenayah and family.  Grandma and Grandpa Boyack, Mark and Lesa and 4 of their kids, MaryJane and Jim and 2 of their kids, Montana, Anna, and Myles mom, sister and brother with his wife all came for the great event.

Hannah got to go to the Logan temple with Myles and his little sister on Saturday morning.

People went for a walk and found the ducks with hats.

Myle's brother made some awesome ribs...

and then we went to "clean the sink"

even Lenayah helped out...

... and Lillian got out the straw to get the very last drop.

Meanwhile, back in Monmouth, Grandma and Grandpa Mabee came to our house to visit Freya, Kimber, Ray and Ben.

Here are our beautiful grand-daughters a month apart... Freya - one month 
 Lenayah - two months.
I got to spend some time with Ben while Kimber was in the doctor's office.

I think he makes the funniest poses!  There he is saying, "Cheese!"

September is a month of skyping too.  I am not a fan of  McKay and Myles and Lenayah living far away.  At least there is Skype.

Let's see... we also emptied the family room into the kitchen and had the carpets cleaned.  When we finally put it all back we moved the furniture around and through out 5 bags of stuff.  I do love a good "down sizing."

Lillian and I canned tomatoes and made grape juice.  Canning is not the same without all the big girls helping.  There was no good conversation... no loud music... no one to fetch and clean jars... no one to swat the bees away...  ever since I was a kid I've loved canning, not for the food, but for family time working together.  I don't like this kids growing up thing.  Canning is not the same... now it's work.

... and John took Lillian camping to Lava Lake.  The found frogs.  They hiked around.  The canoed around the lakes.  They had a great time.


  1. So much fun! Sounds like you are still staying crazy busy! I could never get bored listening to/reading your adventures - makes me tired just thinking about all the things you are doing. Yea for you for pursuing a teaching license - that will make things fun and it is always nice to get paid for teaching. I am sure it will be great for everyone. Cant believe how big the kids are getting. I miss having Ben with me in nursery (apparently part of the "deal" to have yvonne back in nursery was to get to keep him, which I didnt find out about until last week) He is such a little cutie and so much fun, class isnt quite the same without him there with us. You guys are lucky ducks to have such amazingly cute grandbabies! So amazing to see how much the kids continue to change and grow, esp watching them from babies and little bitties. They are touching the world for good in so many ways - and of course they are, because they have the best teacher ever to show them what it is to truly love and befriend and serve others. You are amazing person, my friend! Thanx for sharing all your family fun!


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