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CET 2014

It's been a couple months... I guess it's time to catch up reports of shows I've worked on.

This year was my third year working for CET (Children's Educational Theater).  It is the most intense job I have ever done.  I am the Tech director for the program.  As Tech Director I am responsible for designing, building, and staffing 3 main shows and three small shows in a 5 week period.  This is tough to do.  The kids in the picture are the kids I assign to shows.  The picture also includes the tech staff (myself, Dani, Haley - the teachers and Tyler, Kelli and Hannah - the teaching assistants).
All of us teach 3 classes a day, provide tech needs for the end-of-the-day program, and work nights two days a week to get the sets and props done for the shows.  This too, is harder than it sounds.  We do all this on little sleep and parent volunteers.  It's hard to manage and give meaningful jobs to every person that comes to a work night.

This year I designed a simple set to the director wishes for What Do You Say Dear? - the park show performed in Bush Park in Salem for the Arts Festival at the end of week four of the program.

We used a few flats as a back drop... built a larger-than-life toy box... painted three crash through drops... made endless amounts of props... and sent them off to the park.

The nice thing about the Park Play is that it is usually based on a book and the directors want the set to be similar to the book.  It makes research much more simple.  :)

I tried to get a few pictures of class this year.

We made color wheels....

learned various scenic painting techniques...

made our own gobos...

and how lighting works together with all the elements of the play...

We also worked on set pieces in class.  It was my goal to get the students to work more on the production pieces this year.

I also designed a set for Beauty and the Beast Jr.  for this set I used a turn table so that we could more easily change from Gaston's pub to the Beast's Castle. The stage is challenging because it is not deep.  It has a large apron yet no wing space.  There is also no fly space.  This makes scene changes a challenge because there is no place to store set pieces or props.  You can have actors or you can have props.  Its' hard to fit them both on that goofy stage.

I made three small moving triangle wagon that were the forest on 2 sides and opened up into houses for the village on the third side.

I had my husband and my friend Roger Shinkle help me create a working machine for Maurice.

We gathers antlers from various friends and added them to the set.

My husband worked hard on helping me get my rose to glow on the set.
We also built thrones, tables, and a magic mirror.

It turned out great and most of it got in a truck and moved to Central High School for their fall production of Beauty and the Beast.  Good thing we made them durable.

The library show needed three houses with fences.  I used old fence wood for the fences.  We made flats with doors of the houses.

I found a cool painting to base the look of the houses on.

We even add flower boxes.  To tell the truth, this was my favorite set for the CET season.  I think it turned out so cute!

This show was also very prop heavy.  The hardest prop to find was a bathtub.

We finally located one, but it was a mess...

Dani and Tyler rolled it down the street to wash it.  It was quite the site!

The seventh year show did Aladdin Jr.  The Tech department doesn't usually help with the year 7 show.  However, we had a little extra time in construction class so we built boxes for them and a little extra time in paint class so we marbles columns for them.

My friend Jeff did a great job with all the rest of the tech.  He even learned to sew!

 The side walks outside South Salem have never been cleaner.  Tyler was instructed to help a few students move the paint cabinet.  Let's just say it didn't go well.  We ended cleaning 5 gallons of spilled paint.  GAH!!!!

Oh.... and my banners I made last year made another appearance on the Midsummer Stage.  I am glad I did that project.  I love that I don't have to reinvent the wheel ever year for those productions.

So that is that.  Sadly, I am so busy that I never am able to take any real pictures of the set.  I didn't even get pictures of the models I made this year.  I really just need someone to follow me around with a camera.  I'm serious.  No one would ever believe just how much work I do in those 5 weeks.


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