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Guess it's about time to wrap up 2014

I really should catch up on blogging things... I've nearly forgotten what happened when... especially when my days blend together. 

Let's see....

Hannah competed in the school Talent Show singing Never Fall in Love With an Elf... she won.

Chad played "Wal-Mart  Girl", a song he wrote... he won Crowd Favorite.
We started the set for Oklahoma...

We weren't able to put the set on the stage because there were too many things scheduled for the space...
We just built stuff and put it off to the side.
At first we were just resurrecting things from past shows that might work for Oklahma.
Lillian danced in her Christmas Dance Recital.  She was on stage nearly the whole time because she has so many classes.
One of the favorites was her tap class where they were reindeer and Janey, her teacher was Rudolph... a few days later Janey had her baby.  :)
I started working on Young Frankenstein... I went to auditions early in the month...  Many of my friends were cast.
John and I…