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The February Report

 February started as a super exciting month... Kimber and Lillian got to go to a So You Think You Can Dance Concert.  You never saw someone so excited!  John drove them up to Portland and dropped them off and then hung out in a parking lot watching movies until they were done.
 They had some great seats and could see all the cool things with the dances.  Kimber took good care of Lillian in a crowded theater... and she was kind enough to take some pictures to document the evening.
 They were both super excited to see their favorite dancers.
 Lillian even declared us to be the best parents ever... now will she remember that in a couple years when she moves into full teen mode?
 Oklahoma! opened at Central High School.  Hannah played Laurie.  She was a vision of perfection.... but of course... I'm biased.  :)
 Lillian hung out back stage and helped at random times.  I designed the set and had some students help design the lighting.  I also helped with blocking and polishing the show.
 Visually, it turned out to be one of my favorite shows.  It was so pretty to look at!
 I spent most of my time working with these two.  They truly developed into good actors with very convincing moments.  Their chemistry on stage was so convincing that the rumors flew around about offstage romance.  Even the newspaper report asked about their relationship and commented about their believable chemistry in the newspaper article.  LOL.
 Their friendship did develop... but no romance.  Actually, the boys in the show often would make comments to me over the headset.  Sophie, the sound operator, was amazed that I got more hits from high school boys than her.  LOL. 
Hannah is really developing as an actress... she had some intense moments with this guy.  Because I spent so much time with Sterling, Hannah and Jacob I refer to them as my babies.  They all worked to hard and developed some very believable characters.  I could not be more proud.
Hannah also went to Regional Thespian competition.  She did very well and got 1st place from all of the judges in all of her rounds.  We had to leave before awards were given so we waited over a week to hear her results.  4 weeks later we are still waiting to hear if she gets to go to the State competition.  I sure hope so.  I believe she deserves it!
These two are great friends and have so much in common.  12 years ago (or so) Megan played Laurie on the Central High School Cafeteria stage.  Hannah is even wearing her dress from that show.  They both make beautiful Laurie-s.
Hannah's friend Johnnie recently moved to the Portland area.  We were able to get her down for a performance of the show and a sleepover.  We don't normally do the sleepover thing.... but this was a special occasion. :)
Hannah I went to see Cinderella up at the Keller in Portland.  It was so beautiful!  We especially enjoyed Prince Charming.  He had a great voice.  We weren't all that impressed with Cinderella herself.  But we loved the set and we were sitting a little off to the side so we got to see lots of help happening. Hannah was a little low on energy.  Earlier in the day she got a taste of her first shrimp.  It wasn't a good idea.  At first her face felt numb. Then her tongue got fat.  We headed to the pharmacy to get Benabryl.  I asked the pharmacist how much to drink and she got a funny look on her face and said to have Hannah drink half the bottle and if things didn't clear in 10 minutes to take her to the ER.  I turned around and Hannah's lips were turning blue and she looked funny.  I ripped the bottle out of the box and had her chug it before I even paid for it.  It did the trick  She started to breathe.  but she slept for hours!  She wasn't going to miss a show.  I just said I could take someone else and she sat right up.  "Nothing is keeping me from a Broadway show, mom."
Young Frankenstein moved into the theater.
That is a long process... So much to do.  At this point I am needed to call the show - keeping 2 spot lights, over 100 light cues, and scene changes in order.  This week I just the job of running all the sound effects too.  Let's just say I'm super busy with this show.

Hannah and her friend Reba dressed up as Disney princesses for our friend Megan's daughters birthday.  Talk about a fun idea!
I think it is completely fitting since Hannah doesn't do her homework unless she is wearing her crown... seriously... pj's and a crown.  I should really take a picture.  anyway, I haven't been home much so I don't have pictures of what Lillian and Chad are up to.  Chad does school and spends tons of time writing songs.  Lillian is keeping up with school assignments and dancing.  John is working with his chickens and even watches them on his chicken cam.  He even stepped out of a meeting one day to call us to have Lilli go out and rescue an egg from a murderous egg eater.  That chicken is gone now.  He gave away some chickens and got a couple new ones... his flock is down now... but the canal egg eating may have ended.  Well... that wraps up February.  Now I should write a report on how I created my Oklahoma set.  :)


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