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Young Frankenstein

I worked as the Associate Director on the Pentacle Theatre production of Young Frankenstein the Musical, directed by my friend Robert Salberg.

I was assigned to block group scenes, track tech needs, and eventually, call the show and run sound effects cues.

This show was a bit hard for me.  I am not usually around that amount of crude humor... Ok... I can take it for a little while, but after a bit I start feeling weighed down.  By the end of the show I felt like I was drowning in muck.

I need to be around theater that up lifts me... theater that helps me feel like am contributing to the good in the world.  I didn't feel that way about this show.
 I did make some new friends and I loved being around some of the friends I had already met during my Pentacle Theatre experience.  I just wish I could have felt like myself during this show... and like it or not... I am a religious person.  I want to make good choices... I want to do my art.  I want to create theater master pieces.  I ju…

The March Report

March went very fast... and yet... very slow.

Near the beginning Hannah was an Academic All Star... again.  Seemed a little ironic since mid-term report cards came and her grades didn't look so good. She was able to get some work turned in so the grades look better now.  Thank goodness!  We need her to keep those grades up so that she can get into the college of her choice.  She will need to start applying for colleges and scholarships all too soon.!

She really is a good student.  Illness and a crazy play schedule got the better of her in February.
 Hannah helped out with a friend's senior project, a drama camp for elementary kids.  She spent time after school each day for a week helping kids learn about drama through games and activities and a short little play.  Her group was assigned to perform at Ash Creek Elementary School.  I could tell she was a great leader.  She claims that being a leader isn't her favorite... too bad for her.  She is a natural born leader.  The…