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Pinterest Try #11

Today was an other soup day.  Feeling a bit under the weather so I found this soup and gave it a try.

Copy Cat Olive Garden Fagioli

Pinterest Try 8, 9, and 10

Today is a big Pinterest day... not sure why.  Maybe it is because I am nearly done with Seminary lesson prep for the year.  Maybe it's because I was in the mood for some yummy stuff.  Who knows.  I just know that I am on a roll and everyone gets to benefit.

My Aunt Marara is from new Zealand.  I remember making some yummy dinner rolls that were sweeter than most.  So I found a recipe for Hawaiian Sweet Rolls.  I have to say these turned out to be the best looking and tasting rolls I have ever made!

I was also in the mood for grilling.  I search Pintrest and found a recipe for Very Greek Grilled Chicken
I was even smart enough to thaw out the chicken yesterday and made the marinade before church.  That means... hang on to your boots people... I actually followed a recipe.  :)

I even made coleslaw because the picture inspired me... but I pulled that one out of my head.

To round out the meal, and to keep in the spirit of Pintrest Sunday (I decided I could name it) I found a recipe f…

Pinterest Try #7

This week I gave this Pinterest recipe a whirl.  Definitely going to be a repeat!

Honey Lime and Sweet Potato Corn Tacos.

It is a great alternative to having a meat-filled meal.

Pinterest Try #6

Yesterday was a cloudy day.  I needed soup.  I gave this Pinterest find a try.  It was a yummy.  This is a "do-it-again" find!

fresh spinach and tortellini soup


Once again I was hired to paint a backdrop for my friend who teaches at Howard Street Middle School in Salem.

I always starts like this.... stuff in a hallway and inspiration on the walls.

I had kids help me paint all the flats white.  I always start with a clean slate.
We started by blending colors to create a giant rainbow canvas.  This was a little tricky because three of us were working on the set and each of us had out own style of "scrumbling".  Eventually, we were able to get the colors to blend nicely.  The other issue was that I was trying to use old paint.  However, to get the desired effect I did need to buy a couple colors.  Not everything was the same type of paint so it was a challenge to blend them well.
I was inspired by a few pieces of art I found in my research that had black silhouette trees against a colored background.

We started by painting the ground black and adding "curly" grass.  As per my tradition, I made the "grass" spell the …

Pintrest Try #5

So tonight I tried something new in roasting veggies.  I have learned that I really like roasted carrots.  The recipe was roasted zucchini and carrots.  However, I added yam and parsnips to the mix.  delish!

Roasted Zucchini and Carrots

Pinterest Try 4

OK... I am not successful at trying something everyday... I am still trying new things I find on Pinterest as time permits.  I tried this new recipe last night:

Twice Baked Spaghetti Squash

This now my new favorite way to eat spaghetti squash.

Pinterest Day 3

Yesterday I tried a new recipe I found on Pinterest.  I loved it!  My husband liked it.  The kids? well, they are super picky and won't eat fish, even tuna fish.  They missed out because this was super yummy!
Cucumber Avocado Salad with Tuna

Pinerest Day 2

Hannah found these brownies on Pinterest and made them for Mother's day.  They were very rich and sent us into a sugar comma.  LOL
Layers of Love Brownies

Pinterest Day 1

So... I tried a new salad today.  Turned out ok. Quinoa and Black Bean Salad I found it on Pinterest.  Pinterest is an interesting phenomenon.  I could spend hours looking at set ideas and recipes that look interesting.  I decided I should put that research into practice.  Today I tried something new.

April Report

April started with General Conference.  Kimber, Ray, Ben and Freya came to listen to Saturday session at our house.  Ben and Freya are such cute little people.  It's fun to watch Ben learn to share and Freya learn to crawl.  She is very motivated by the fact that she wants to do what her big brother is doing.
 This is a rare picture.  Hannah is rarely home.  We don't hear her playing the piano or singing much anymore.
 John took Hannah to get her licence.  She now can drive herself where she wants to go.  She even claimed one of the sets of keys to the Suburban.  I wonder if I will be car-less soon... hmmm...
 John and Lillian went on a mountain bike ride and came back covered in mud.
 We had to say good bye to an old friend.  It was a sad day, but it was time.  Missy must have been in pain and most often couldn't remember where she was.  It had gotten to the point that she had trouble getting up if she was down or had trouble sitting down if she was up.  Let's just …