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April Report

 April started with General Conference.  Kimber, Ray, Ben and Freya came to listen to Saturday session at our house.  Ben and Freya are such cute little people.  It's fun to watch Ben learn to share and Freya learn to crawl.  She is very motivated by the fact that she wants to do what her big brother is doing.
 This is a rare picture.  Hannah is rarely home.  We don't hear her playing the piano or singing much anymore.
 John took Hannah to get her licence.  She now can drive herself where she wants to go.  She even claimed one of the sets of keys to the Suburban.  I wonder if I will be car-less soon... hmmm...
 John and Lillian went on a mountain bike ride and came back covered in mud.
 We had to say good bye to an old friend.  It was a sad day, but it was time.  Missy must have been in pain and most often couldn't remember where she was.  It had gotten to the point that she had trouble getting up if she was down or had trouble sitting down if she was up.  Let's just say there were many tears that day.
 Hannah went to Mormon Prom.  It was all last minute.  She got a dress and a date within hours and was off.
 She met a kid from Dallas at the State Thespian Competition.  She asked him to Central High School Prom in May when they went to a play.

Hannah went to State Thespian Competition in the Musical Theatre Solo Division.  She did very well.  Often she is too quiet and the judges made mention of that.  She was not chosen for the show case.  She did earn 6 superior ratings.
 Kimber is finding time to sew for her little family.  She made this cute dress for Easter and Freya wore it to church a week after Easter, since Easter was Conference Sunday.
 Chad's friend Lenah came to visit.  She is hoping to go on a mission soon so they got some beach time in.
 I made this quilt for an auction that was to raise money for the theatre department.  I was asked to use t-shirts of all the shows.  I was short a few shirts so I printed the posters onto fabric.  I don't know what they made, but I hope it was worth the time I put into it.
 Hannah and Lillian helped me make this backdrop for Howard Street Middle School.  A student named Claire, my newest convert to tech work, helped me the most.
 At the same time, John and my friends John Hatch and Joy Hoffman helped me with the set of The Foreigner.  It opens in a couple weeks.  In theory, a student designed it.  However, I needed to modify it so much that it isn't much of his design.  Joy did a great job painting logs while I bossed people around.  John and John worked on building stuff for me.
Lillian has been doing well in school and doing well in dancing.  She got the main part in her up coming recital so she is in lots of extra rehearsals.

Actually, I have to admit, we aren't doing so well as a family in doing things together.  We are more like roommates. Everyone has their on school, work and activities.  Nothing really goes with the activities of everyone else.  Most people say I am never home.  Not true.  I am home more than the rest of them... I am just home alone.  In the morning John is at work and Hannah is at school and Chad is usually sleeping.  Around 11 I go and volunteer at the school for a couple hours. When I get back for the school Lillian starts her time at the dance studio and Chad is off to school.  I then spend my afternoon teaching other people or doing stuff around the house.  Currently, I go to rehearsal at the high school in the evening, but all of April I spent the evening alone, often eating dinner by myself because Hannah would be ... well... I don't always know where, John would be late at work, Lillian would still be at dance, and Chad would be at the Jessops doing homework, working out or just out.  Then I would go to bed and start it all over in the morning.  I get pictures of what everyone is doing because someone takes a picture Facebook.  So I've decided that this is what "empty-nester" is... only with roommate that leave dishes for me to wash and shoes to pick up.  In fact, it may be best to ask each person what they are up to because my report is highly inaccurate because I am not involved in their lives and they are not involved in mine.  So there is the sad reality known as April.


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