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Pinterest Try #15

OK...OK... I did try a couple of things that were bombs, for example, a Frog Eye Salad that I washed down the sink, and some other other tries that were so un-memorable I decided not to bother.  This recipe was good... so I will post it.

Roasted Carrot and Sweet Potatoes

The May Report

The month of May was full of all kinds of adventure.

John and Lilli raised baby chicks in March and April, but decided to get fertilized eggs for a broody hen.  As if the first 10 baby chickens weren't enough, they got 12 eggs!  The broody mama sat and sat... until the little ones began to peck their way out.
 Broody Brownie (that is what Lilli named her) was a good mama chicken, even if we all didn't start as good Chicken farmers.

The first mistake came in the form of a SPAM can used as a water dish.  The little chick fell in the water and drown.  Sad, sad day.

Happily, more baby chicks hatched.  In fact ALL 12 eggs hatched.

Next tragedy.... the big chicken ganged up on the mama chicken and her babies and murdered all but 4 babies.  I got in the coop with the chickens and screamed at them and poked them to save the babies and to collect their poor dead little bodies.  Hannah came to help but was only able to hold a bucket in her out stretched hand.  She couldn't even l…

Pinterest Try # 12, 13, 14

Been a little busy, so I haven't tried as many new things as of late.  Here are the most resent tries:

Kielbasa and Cabbage Skillet

This is a yummy meal.  Glad I found this one.

I love a good British romance and got myself in the mood for Cucumber Sandwiches

They turned out pretty tasty.

Although the next try was tasty going down, once there it did not agree with my tummy.  I may still be paying for that try as I have not felt well since giving it a try.

Skillet Pasta and Sausage