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June Report

June started like most months around here... fast and furious.  As soon as the calendar clicked over to the blessed summer month we began Graduation Week.  This is a busy week for me as I help with many activities at the high school... including graduation.  It's a process to get things to sound nice in that large outdoor space... and I get super tired.  The next day there is no time for rest because the school books a rental.  Told you it is a crazy week.
This year Hannah's best friend from childhood graduated.  Hannah and Sai don't have many of the same activities.  Sai is into sport, Hannah is not.  Hannah likes to perform, Sai does not.  Sai is tall, Hannah is not.  Hannah is even older than Sai.  But Sai is super smart and skipped a grade and so now she is off to play basketball at college on a full ride scholarship.  It's crazy to think that these two won't be able to cheer each other on in person this next school year.  I guess they will have to do that fro…

The Foreigner

Theater is an exercise of the Absurd. It is labor intensive, shows very little return on investment, if any, and is disposable. After closing night we will strike the set and leave the theater looking as if we were never there. “Disposable Art” Art created just for you, just for tonight. It’s not a Book, a Song, a Painting or a Sculpture that you can go back to and enjoy over and over again. It is a living, breathing, entity that encompasses all aspects of Art. Movies also encompass all Art forms, but Movies aren’t ALIVE. Like Concerts, Recitals and Sporting Events anything can and will happen.  Two things I deeply believe in: Great theater can be created anywhere. There are no such things as small theaters, only limited imaginations. Van Gogh didn’t paint because he wanted to, because it made him feel special. Van Gogh painted because he had to, he needed to. He painted until he couldn’t hold the brush anymore. He painted over his own paintings because he didn’t have money for canva…