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August Report

We got the family pictures back that John Hatch helped us take when McKay and Myles came for a visit.
These are a few of my favorites.
It was tough to get Lenayah to smile that day.

The re-creation of the traditional "kid" photo.
The first weekend of August most of the family hopped into the truck and the new Honda and took off to Utah for a visit with family.
The first stop:  Bend and an awesome sunset.
Got to love this old house.
The next day they headed through Idaho toward McKay's house in Logan.  I thought it would be cool if they stopped and took a picture in front of as many temples as possible.  Instead, I got drive-by pictures.
They had fun visiting MyKay's family.
Papa john was left in charge of the babies... risky!
They even got some snuggle time in.
They celebrated Chad's birthday on his real birthday.
And the attended the Logan Temple...
They went to the Logan Zoo...