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Addams Family at Pentacle Theatre

In the middle of the chaos of CET, I held auditions for Addams Family the Musical.  The show was part of the Pentacle Theatre 2015 season. I ended up casting the 10 main characters, 12 ancestors, and eventually, 2 gargoyles (silent characters I added to help set the mood and change scenes).  We began rehearsals that following week to learn music and dances.  I was blessed with a great production team that followed my lead and caught my vision nicely.  Although newspaper critics did not appreciate my vision, directing style, or the show itself, the audiences did like it.  We ended our run with 101% ticket sales and an added performance.  
Dani Potter was, once again, my assistant director and sound engineer.  It is nice to be able to know that there is someone you can trust to take over rehearsal when needed and to take on a few scenes etc.  Dani has worked on many shows that I have worked on and we work together all summer long.  We make a good team.

MaryAnn Potter did the AMAZING costu…