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November Report

It's that time in life... again.  We have another Senior in high school.  
That means we have a mixture of "fear of the future so I'm paralyzed" and "I don't need your help because I'm nearly an adult and very independent."
Hannah has been very busy with the musical theater she loves and the school she tolerates.  That means we have put off getting all the college stuff to the last minute.
Lucky for Hannah, John was able to swing a few extra days to get Hannah's MDT application at BYU... Auditions and all...
... Then we had a couple days to get the regular BYU applications in...
... thank goodness for Aunt Gena Mabee.  She was a great help.  We sure hope the work of the past week pays off since it was like pulling teeth to get Hannah to come up with a Plan B.
It would be real sad to she her talent wasted on a community college because we missed all the deadlines.
Now we have until December 2 to get her Classical Music program applications stuff…