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Mary Poppins for Pentacle Theatre

Before I get started, I need to thank Lonnie Thurston for the majority of the pictures in this blog.  When I am working I really don't have time, nor a good camera, to get decent pictures of my work.
Beginning December 28 I had 10 days to get a set built, painted and functioning for a 4 day run of  the Pentacle Theatre Fundraising production of Mary Poppins.  I had a great time working with the director, Deborah Johansen, and the choreographer, Geri Sanders.  I appreciated the many people that came to the first build day where we were successful in building a bridge for the rooftops, the skyline for the rooftops, and 4 wagons for the many set changes.  
We had two more short days where we painted.  I introduced my crazy feather duster and sponge paint techniques.  We taught lots of people about the virtues of double coring cardboard. The results were stunning when the whole "minimalist" set was put to use.

I created two 8'x8' wagons with walls in the center - in…

Seussical the Musical

The fall play at Central High School 2015 was Seussical the Musical.
I started with my model.  I am beginning to truly enjoy making models and solving the design issues on a small scale first.  The director, my friend Jeff Witt, wanted the show to be set in the 1920's and wanted the set to have an art deco influence. He and I researched some art deco art and architecture.  We found some great pictures that inspired us - art deco palm trees and a great art deco bath tub.  We were impressed with the use of mirrors and wanted to add mirrors to the set.  I wanted to make things shades of gold and black and I wanted to use metalic surfaces are well.
My answer was metallic wrapping paper and tin foil.  I used different golds, silvers, blues and printed metallic wrapping paper on the tree tops and even added crystals from a chandelier for extra glitz.
We started the trees by double coring (gluing 2 pieces) cardboard. Then we cut them into "Seuss"like shapes.
We taped the edges…